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I remember some story about some special snowflake called calculator. some other guy called artur character had none of it, and killed him.

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Well, look at it from a "realistic" point of view.

>The only real threat to the Imperium was Eldar and that wierd shit in the north East section of our galaxy
>Imperium rolled though Xenos like a fat kid at Burger King.
>Erry body was on Big E's Dick. Wining through numbers. Lots and lots of numbers

>Post Heresy:
>Remember half you buddies? They want to kill you now.
>Remember half those planets? They want to kill you now.
>Remember those numbers you used to have? Half want you dead.
>Since post Heresy is up until 40K (so, 10,000 years), The imperium has actually found those things that aren't pushovers anymore.

Pre-Heresy was Noble Bright. 40K is Grim Dark.

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Sup /tg/

My friends and I have expressed interest in the Warhammer universe for awhile, and so one of the guys I game with bought the Dark Heresy core book, and they asked me to run it (since I'm the most knowledgeable of the three of us due to you guys). I ran the session for the first time the other day, and again, none of us are super fluent with the universe, but I think we managed. Anyone interested in the story of their first session?

Also general story time thread.

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Thanks for the tip. Yeah I was wondering if plasma was worth the gets hot. Snipers sound like they're the best. I know with rending they can hurt vehicles on a wound of six and pick their targets with a hit of six.

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Not positive but I'm sure it is one of the many amazing live action videos from that one computer game that was based on Epic (old gw tabletop based on fuckoff hueg battles in the 40k setting).

Hmm I didn't think of throwing grenade launchers in with the line infantry. I like it.

Thanks for the tips, but if I need to be driving all over the map, do you think I should opt out for a manticore to be able to hit further out on the map? I could get one with the freed up points.

Also any tips on keeping my chimeras alive? Or at least making their deaths the most useful?

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>The masses of the Emperor's faithful who are armed with the humble lasgun, flak armor, determination, and grit.
>Units range from green conscripts to battle hardened veterans
>all backed by some of the most cost efficient and effective tanks, artillery, IFVs and flyers in the game
>One big 'fuck yeah humanity' party

Come home guardsman

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You will when you're older.

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I haven't played dark heresy before but ive read most of the books, so I was wondering if you guys could tell some stories because fuck it

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Guardsman Stern

Guardsman Stern got up to the Scout rank (rank 6)...almost to Marksman (rank 7)

Guardsman Stern started off as a ganger juve in Gunmetal City on Scintilla.

His aptitude with ranged weaponry was hinted at when, as his Inquisitor was pinned down by the servants of Chaos, he picked them off one by one with his trusty lasgun, while the rest of his patrol was cowering due to the enemy's heavy stubber.

His sharpshooting got him drafted into Inquisitorial service, whereupon his aptitude for ranged combat was further confirmed by his Divination of "The Gun Is Mightier Than The Sword". (Starting BS of 48, the highest attainable in the game...he also had a Toughness of 35, Perception of 40, and Fellowship of 45...yes, I rolled 4 20's for stats. My lowest was a 10, which was put into Weapon Skill).

Guardsman Stern, like the rest of his Inquisitorial Acolyte team, kept a tally of kills.

He ended his illustrious career with 237 humans/cultists, 158 mutants, 10 Chaos Space Marines, 36 Orks, 18 Eldar, 27 Dark Eldar, 5 Genestealers, 1 Lictor, 14 human vehicles, 2 Ork vehicles, 2 Dark Eldar vehicles, and one orbital platform.

His final stats were as follows:

BS-68, WS-30, S-40, T-40, Ag-43, Per-50, WP-51, Fel-45

I ended with Best Quality Storm Trooper Carapace, a Nomad Sniper Rifle with Red-Dot Sight and Silencer, a Meltagun, and a Best Quality Deathlight Lasgun with a Red-Dot Sight and a mono-knife bayonet attachement.

I was one of two original team members to survive to the end, the other being our Cleric...who for some reason never died despite being in the middle of combat swinging his chainsword with wild abandon.

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I see what you are getting at.
I will have to fill the rest out.

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A friend of mine plays Imps and here's my experience:
You are likely to lose matches up to 1000 Points, it's starting interesting at 1500 P. Till that you just don't have enough points to use your strengths.

1) Just don't think you can win by throwing more dices than your enemy, you are shooting with fucking flashlights. Strength 3, no armor penetration takes forever to kill any enemy.

2)Imps themselves are also weak as fuck, so they die like flies when attacked in close combat and when shot at.

3) Heavy weapons team: They sound good, but just don't rely on them, they die as easy as any other guardsmen. Actually, more easy, because a smart enemy is likely to focus on them, going for them with deep strike, charge with jumping units, shoot the crap out of them, etc.
At least use some sentinals with big weapons.

Imperials Guard can be the strongest army in a big battle with strong tank support, because that's what they are about, TANKS.
If you try to go to war with Guardsmen only, you are definitely going to lose. Get as many tanks in there as possible.

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Bump for the emprah!

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Hey /tg/, how do you customize your main HQ's?
i.e. Do you name them? Give them their own fluff?

List general.

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OP bump. I seem to recall something like a disposition of forces in some of the old Armageddon campaign materials, but I haven't played 40K that long. Perhaps somebody has an image saved?

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Figuring the chest isn't really worth dying for, the party leaves it and engages the daemonhost as it follows them out into the street. Gallus then promptly makes things worse by summoning a lesser daemon on a botched psychic ability roll. For once the party gets lucky, however, and Leman manages to put hunting rifle rounds through both the daemonhost and daemon, doing some decent damage. Gallus tries to put some distance between himself and the daemon while taking shots at both of their enemies, Trantuk opens up on the daemonhost with his shotgun, and Leman attracts an unusual amount of attention from the daemonhost and gets the shit kicked out of him. Leman ducks into a nearby building and tries sniping at the daemonhost, and Gallus fucks up another roll and loses his abilities for an hour. Trantuk, seeing the situation is really going to shit, calls their contact on the radio. He replies with news that Guardsmen are on the way to assist, and any nearby Arbitrators will try and assist them. Two show up, but pretty much do fuckall with lots of bad BS rolls.

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