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As long as it has a hole. If it doesn't...well pic related then.

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Think you mean Dark Eldar.

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He's showing off.

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Y-yes sir commissar sir!

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Finally related

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This concept is so incredibly furry...

the rest of you elegen/tg/entlemen, what are you feelings on furfaggotry and heresy in this thread? Because I admit completely to being a sick fuck that would fuck the brains out of anything remotely pretty and gynomorphic. My standards amount to 'very few unidentified growths'. Robot, humanoid, monstergirl, alien, furry, I CARE NOT!

TL;DR: I'll write furry smut if there's an audience/okay for you guys.

Note that I'm not a furry and having not been initiated in their... 'thing' outside of a particularly embarrassing episode as a kid where I was cought fapping to Lola Bunny from Space Jam, know absolutely nothing as to what the whole deal is about. Basically: I'd fuck an anthro, don't care for the details

>aside: any feedback on my stories

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6 Feet dick! If yougo in the back door you could get a reverse blowjob.

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What does /tg/ think of my current list? I have no idea what opponents I'll be facing except for Daemons.

750 pts (Restricted to 1 HQ/Elite/FA/HS)
Haemonculus 65
- LG, VB

Trueborn, 4 133
- 2 SC
- Venom, 2 SC

Kabalites, 5 125
- Blaster
- Venom, 2 SC

Kabalites, 5 125
- Blaster
- Venom, 2 SC

Wracks, 5 120
- LG
- Raider

Reavers, 6 182
- 2 Blasters
- AC with PW (Lance)

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The Wyches and Succubi are all female, but that's it. And I have no idea where you got the "Asian-y" thing from- if anything, they're the "BDSM club gone wrong" army. And that's what's so great about it. The fact that said Wyches and Succubi are just as fappable as Daemonettes (arguably more so) is icing on the cake.

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>w40k war crimes
>no mention of DE in the entire thread

Isn't that exactly what these guys are all about?

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Me and a few friends are getting those little starter boxes for Warhammer 40k, and I can't decide on a race. I've narrowed it down to Necrons, Dark Eldar, Chaos Space Marines, and Chaos Daemons, based only on which ones I'd like to paint. I don't know anything about the game, past what the 1d4chan wiki page has on the 40k page, and that's to entrenched in /tg/ and 40k references I didn't understand half of it. How do those four play? Any reason I should avoid any of them?

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How DE do it.

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Okay, I'll be right over.

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And thus we released our creations unto the humans. Typically the just expect extra limbs, foul smells, organ distortion... but incontinent Tau females and the cult that follows these creations... we'll feast on debauchery tonight.

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This is how I dark eldar. But I admit, your method has its merits.

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>Love or hate. Pleasure or pain
>implying a difference

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The Eldar also were known to... "compensate."

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Ya know the gif of the hentai crotch rubbing that immediately turns into the little vignette of Federline and Britney Spears children calling him from inside the womb? Ya know the lil cheetus one?

Just got off of a three day ban for that. Swear to god the mod was just being a lazy nigger and didn't even look at the thing.

I miss old NSFW /tg/. Tough to find reliable elf porn elsewhere. Fuck if I know why the nigs changed it.

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Hell, that kind of masochism doesn't seem out of character for a Deldar. It also lets you move away from the "woe is me! I'm evil but I hate being evil!" schtick. Play up the bored side of the space elf, mixed with a bit of grit, and keep the crew guessing. Not about whether your soul is condemned forever, oh woe is me, but whether you're sane or not.

Really what I'm saying is, play him as a Russian ex-mafioso that has been kicked out, still doesn't quite know how to live the good life, but is trying in his own, oft misguided way.

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No, and yes.
Should be labeled "IT HAS NO BRAKES!"

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my brother-in-law's typical character

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That's supposed to be "who's" of course
Stupid people stuff knives in toasters, they're more curious than cautious

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