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>>Deckers get to be cool for once
>implying deckers aren't the most wiz archetype in every game

I do like the general idea of biodecks and a feral Matrix, though.

Is English your second language

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Ah fuck I'm sorry, I misread the prompt.

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I just go with the Hackers/Johnny Mnemonic and make hacking so far from plausible that it becomes it's own thing. Particularly in something like shadowrun where the entire thing is layers of ludicrous with a fine veneer of sensible. Part of the fun becomes taking something so nonsense seriously.

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That's the same computer I've got, omae.

What's in the test tube near the sunglasses?

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>Rigger 5

It is good to laugh. No, the closest they have got to R5 errata is "fuck fuck we fucked up with noizquitos nobody use them."

Don't worry, I'm sure Goodman will get to it in two or three years.

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>Not recognizing the glory of Matthew Lilliard in Hackers, the greatest piece of cyberpunk art to ever be produced

Leave and stay leave.

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Depends on what action you want to do. Check out the table on the first page of the Matrix cheat sheet (in the pastebin), for which skills you roll for which actions. For your purposes I want to say Matrix Search (you look stuff up on the internet) and Snoop (for intercepting calls and such) are probably the most important.

Although, I just remembered, for Snoop you need marks, which means Hack on the Fly, which means you'd need hacking.... Honestly, you're probably better just leaving that alone, but if you really want to go that route, you need points in hacking, make sure you have decent Sleaze (from your sleaze module), use Hack on the Fly to get a mark on the target device, use Snoop to intercept traffic, and hey-presto, you can hear what they're getting. And if you get another mark on the target, you can Trace Icon to find out their meat space location. Just hope to G.O.D. that you don't frag up, because you have no hope against an actual decker. If so, just GTFO. And if you're doing illegal things (anything that requires Sleaze), don't stay in too long because G.O.D.'ll come to get you and that won't be fun.

But really, that'd be a lot of skill points at that point, so really, it's not worth it. Just get your decker to do it.

Depends on how good you are, chummer. But, assuming you have maybe 10-12 dice in Matrix Search, you'll average about 4 hits, so I'd say a DP of 4 is adequate. Higher is always better though, especially since most likely that means higher Firewall too, and you don't want to be tracked through your comm, do you?

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I'm in a game that has about 1 legwork session then one session for the actual run, though it does depend greatly on the run. We've had minor runs that are one and done, and larger runs that took about 4 sessions. Our sessions run about 5 hours. Previous games have been a lot less legwork intensive, so we could generally get a full run in a session, but we've moved to the territory where our first plan of attack isn't to go in guns blazing, hence more legwork. Just depends on style really.

(Gif unrelated, I just find it amusing.)

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How involved should a decker get with a politically active technology-focused group that goes to near-terrorist levels to keep the Matrix and tech free for all? I owe them a big favor, but I'm worried about getting an actual corp after me, and I don't want to get too tied to any one group.

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There's the obvious thing: A Decker. If you've got an adept to cover you on the magical front (assuming he can assense, it'll do in a pinch) and your physical violence needs are covered, you still want to be able to handle the Matrix.

Plus, computers are cool.

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Which of you posted this?

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I used to love NCIS, now I hate it for showing a more ridiculous version of hackers than Hackers.

At least they cut the part of the episode where they talk about how he's gotten to a level in a video game that the developers didn't even code

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You'll never take me alive, Doc!

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Completely new to shadowrun 5e, what are some must haves as far as skills, gear, and attributes that every runner needs?

Just thinking that even though I have terrible STR and CHA I probably don't want to default on running or con. or get arrested because I don't have a license for my APDS bullets inside my licensed gun in my licensed concealed holster.

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Just thinking there is a decker finding a way to infiltrate some megacorps private LAN by sneaking through a sewer and running a cable up the pipe to connect to the toilet of some super exec.

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le mesh network face

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