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Rolled 53, 94 = 147 (2d100)

>Name: Hans Octavius
>Fluff: Blood for the Blood God
>Charm: Mark of Khorne
>Charm's Name: Mark of Khorne
The Rage
Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."
>Passive Spells:
1. Do Not Go Gentle
2. Blood Remedy - Spilling blood, including yours, increases your body capabilities. Spending blood points on this skill will instead heal you.
3. Sanity - Gains Insanity Percentage while fighting, killing, etc. Once IP reaches 100%, well... stuff happens...
>Active Spells:
1. To Boil - Body capabilities surpasses of human's. Your own blood can disintegrate another being's flesh.
2. Daemon Rush - Costs Blood Points and decreases Insanity Percentage. For a shortwhile, a small army of Daemons will fight for you.
>Skulls: 3
>Blood Points: 30
>Insanity Percentage: 68%
>Equipment: Money$; Box-cutter; 2 Sharp-Knives

1-2; Khorne dammit, all these prey getting away. Makes me so fucking angry! I guess I better get to a hospital. Use the blood coming from my wound to sacrifice the skulls to Khorne first.

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This guy sounds exactly like /pol/ when the jews are brought up

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>Company Name:
Jurassic Track
Dinosaurs, Science
>Historial Details:
Originally a park, science has made mass production of Dinosaurs a reality. While dinosaurs are surely profitable, they are still somewhat limited at the moment and weaponry and mechanical parts such as prosthetics and railguns are in the demand.
(Those, little unique things that'll help the company)
(How much dosh your company owns, split between unowed money without brackets and owed money with brackets)
(What buildings and the likes the company owns, everyone will start out with a HQ in a place of their choice)
(What... Well, vehicles the company has to help earn it money)

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My main reason I consider the movies better than the book is that the movie dwarves are actual distinct characters with dialogue. The book dwarves are very dull in comparison. Certainly I agree the movies have properly bad scenes like the dwarves bathing in the fountain and the entire Beorn part which was cut to smithereens to point it made no sense.

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So, can anyone tell me what happened to Spookmaster?

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Is most likely correct. Gothmog was a maiar and most likely buffed by the powers of Sauron. Morgoth and Sauron both infused their troops with their own powers to make them more formidable and obidient which coincidentally made them much weaker and possibly even weaker than their highest captains.
However, there is one argument against this as the Ring of Power was spesifically mentioned to need large portion of Sauron's power because it had to be more powerful than the other rings in order to dominate them. Same logic may arguably be used for the dark lords and that they would need to remain stronger than their subjects (at least one on one case) in order to dominate them. Wheter they actually had to dominate their high captains is a complete mystery.

Also highly possible, though never really shown.

Elrond only has Maiar blood but is not a Maiar and his might hasn't been shown either or spesifically mentioned.

Not Maiar at all.

"It has been said that dragon-fire could melt and consume the Rings of Power, but there is not now any dragon left on earth in which the old fire is hot enough; nor was there ever any dragon, not even Ancalagon the Black, who could have harmed the One Ring, the Ruling Ring, for that was made by Sauron himself."
No clue.

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Square-cube law of biology. In order for a biological being to be that large in our atmosphere, it HAS to have immensely more durable and strong construction than identical being of much smaller size.

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>So, we all know that Orcs are corrupted elves
Less known fact is that it isn't true.
Tolkien tried out a few different origins for his Orcs throughout his life but died before he could fully revise The Silmarillion with his final view on their origins and nature. Tolkien's Orc origin ideas were published posthumously in The Silmarillion, with other versions of events appearing later in The History of Middle Earth.

Tolkien has 7 theories on the origin of orcs which you can look up at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orc_%28Middle-earth%29#The_origin_of_Orcs

There's even less information about creation of Trolls. According to Treebeard, they were created "in mockery of ents" leading people often to jump to the conclusion that they were made of ents, which to me seems pretty daft.

There are many dark creatures with no clear origin, the safest assumption is that they're spirits inhabiting a body (Werewolves were explicitly mentioned being such) or some crossbreed between such spirits and other races.

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About the eagles and why they weren't used to deliver frodo with the ring to Mt. Doom:
The giant eagles are rather large birds, not at all that stealthy if the enemy has wraiths on wings to spot them. The nazgul were constantly flying about back and forth and would've noticed the Eagles and if they sense the ring with one, they'd gangbang it and whoops, there goes the ring. The whole idea of Frodo going alone/with Sam was that it was the stealthiest way to do it.
Why they didn't ride jolly Eagles in the hobbit?
"The men shoot their arrows at us because they think we take their sheep for eating and any other time, they'd be right." The eagles are not immortal and they value their life aswell and have done many great deeds, especially in Silmarillion.

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That guy is not a term for a person who is currently at this very moment not actively going with the flow of the group consensus, in a group, people can and should disagree on things. That guy is a term to describe extreme case of constant unsocial behaviour that often manifests as Snowflaking, Cheating, Poor personal hygiene, Obscenity and Ruining the game.

Imagine your group decides they want to play MLP ERP and you don't like that a one bit. You're not a That guy for saying "I don't like the idea a one bit" and not joining the group for MLP ERP, however, you would be a That guy if you joined the game, knowing that you dislike the idea, with the intention of ruining their fun with some shenanigans. You are allowed to disagree with the group without being a That guy provided that you then don't begin to undermine and destroy the game.

If you have a group that kicks out a That guy, would you invite him back on another group? If you say being a That guy depends on the group, wouldn't that make the kicked guy not a That guy anymore since he's not in the particular group? Would the That guy suddenly be alright if there's someone even more dick in the group?

You can have a group where everyone actively tries to pisswizard and ruin other's fun, they're all That guys, or you can have a group without a single That guy. Just because David once farted doesn't make him a That guy.

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>No I will not look through the awful archive to get you the awful picture.
Oh, you don't have to do that. I think I only vaguely remember that, but thank you for reminding me.

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