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He must hate Tau

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I would not like to fuck with the man wearing skulls as ornaments and running around fighting his enemies with a chainsword and a hugeass semi auto rpg that fires asplosive rounds that splode inside you

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Brothers, look's like we've found the next battle field. Set up a perimeter. We'll help the natives fend off the bot menace, then bring them the light of the Emperor.

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I've always liked the whole "silver right arm" thing.

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There is actually a fairly good fanfic about that.


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Then Matt Ward jumps to the rescue

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The bigger the better

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That's actually a really good idea, wipe out the character profiles that guy dumped earlier and someone could start a Deathwatch squad vs Covenent quest where they go through the Halo timeline.

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No, it ends with their bodies being sliced in half by this guy...

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Nigga please.

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Heres full size of OP's image

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Not unless something like the Iron Men or the Age of Strife happen, fortunetly Chaos doesn't exist (inb4 just as planed to make you thing).

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Suffer not......

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My turn, mortals........

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I'm new to 40k, I love the art design and all but I have 1 question, what's the deal with the oversized fucking pauldrons? They seem like a tactical disadvantage more than anything......

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ITT: We try to name a sci-fi/fantasy setting thats more retardedly overpowered than 40k

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