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>Months of RL sessions with the same group, same characters.
>Friendships are made, alliances forged.
>Everyone's characters has a real "place" in the setting. (wife/kids/a shop of their own/servants)

>the final battle is upon us
>"Oh hey, GM? I don't really want to play this character anymore. Here's a sheet for a character that I've never mentioned before, and is in no way like my old one."

Really makes you think.

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What makes a good antagonist force to fulfill the role of villains in a fantasy setting? I don't just want to regurgitate "the bad empire oppressing everyone" or "dark lord bad man from shadow land with orc friends," but there's so many variations of those two basic themes that it feels like everything diverges from them. Can you implement some sort of monsters and a dark lord character without making them shallow evil for the sake of being evil? I thought about trying something along the lines of corruption in nature being responsible for monstrous deformed creatures that serve the antagonist chasing some goal, but it seems flimsy.

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