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Yo /tg/. I was wondering if we could have a fine ass only war thread.

To get it started, how does one play a proper orgryn? I was going to create one for a game one of my best friends is hosting and I wanted him to be a pyromaniac retard whose only sole goal in life was to visit the emperor in his golden throne room.

Is this too much or too little?

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Anyways after the first session that we played i was looking ahead at what would eventually be the "boss fight" of the adventure and i noticed that the slaught creatures that are the final enemies or what have you seemed a tad overpowered for beginner acolytes.
In order to counteract what i thought would have ended up being a total party kill i set up an encounter with some local guards who would offer their assistance to the acoyltes. well they turned all of them down except for their leader because he was the only one who passed a fear test when they encountered their first slaught creature in the city.

long story short what was supposed to be a challenging fight at the end ended with the pcs burning down the sky mill that served as the headquarters for these slaught creatures and locking the guard leader in after he "volunteered" to stay inside and ensure none of the foul creatures escaped, effectively becoming a martyr.

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We talk about how cool Vietnam-inspired 40k conflict between the Imperial Guard (probably Catachans, supported by Elysians or Harakoni Warhawks) against the Tau/Kroot.

Let's stop talking and fluff this shit out.

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Oh man I have been trying to find the picture of the daemon in Aires Badlands (DoW Dark Crusade) so I can have a caption with it saying "More! You must post more of them!"

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