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Well, he was jealous of his brothers and sisters having places of importance bound to them. So he hopped diwn from the heavens one night and planted a tree in the first city he happened across. It rooted itself deep, and from it his divine influence spread. And with it, the arrogant bastard spread a "gift". The cityfolk would be blessed with with the vigor and visage of a ripening fruit, and all that looked upon them would see the love of their new patron deity.

Of course, this caused terrible problems (not that fruit god cared). Overnight, the military, police, total workforce, everyone was turned 4 foot 70 pounds soaking wet girls. The city was, and still is, in trouble. The economy is suffering and constant fear of attack is heavy in the streets. Without much choice they're rapidly trying to change a mainly agriculture and carpentry-based city into a religious capital so that their new god doesn't fuck things up even more.

On the plus side, they are getting some other divine goodies. People that devote themselves to him get some potent plant magic, and the fruiting vegetation in and around the city is turning out to be crazy for alchemists. Also, it's easy to get converts (or at least convince peope some strange shit is going down) when your city is nothing but lolis and strange plants.

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>some of my favorite sessions involved lolis
>some of my best games games my character was a loli

I dunno. Thanks for sucking up the shit experiences so I could have fun? Does the universe work like that?

Game I'm in at the moment is shaping up to be good. Our party has been raiding cults of artifacts to protect the world from yog-sothoth being summoned. We've been working for a lolipire.

Turns out she's gonna summon Yoggy. So now we've got to try and kick her ass.

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Oh, but they can be, anon. Multiple canon examples. I bet they just turn your toast, too.

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That's what you get for liking a shitty 2hu.

Get better taste fag.

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Obligatory loli that lures a party member away and then tries to eat their eyes.

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Not entirely true, I used it to clarify that she was actually a little girl and didn't just have the form of one.

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Oh nooo, I've been labeled a newfaaag, whatever shall I dooo

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Keep walking because we're three lolis and a (fairly badass) milf.

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