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Hey boss, this silver git's grammer is all crumped up!

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Post Orks pls

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>have flying units with the clear bases
>not sure of to give them the work or just leave them clear
What do you guys do?

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think about. everything about ork behavior tactics is exactly how gamers player shooter games.

like gamers they only want to fight and kill because its fun.
when gamers ran out of enemies to kill, they will start killing their own teammates out of boredom - just like orks

just like gamers, orks are not afraid of dying they belive gork and mork chews up their soul and then spits them back out, extremely similar to how gamers respawn.

just like gamers, orks earn "xp" by killing as many enemies as possible, and the more "xp" they accumulate, the stonger the become.

just like gamers orks are obssesed with loot, and try to pick up everything their dead enemies drop.

like gamers, orks craft their own weapons with their very own crafting system that makes absolutly no sense to anyone except to those who play said game.

Orks' WAAAAGH cry is just like "gamers rise up"

these are just the things that came from the top of my head, its really hilarious to see orks as nothing more than gamers trying to have fun while piloting their savage ork avatars through the WH40k universe

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I’m sorry anon

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So this is why no one I know plays orks...

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It's the curse of the new tiny boardsize, among other things

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Uh, Boss, iz diz true?

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>When the card is implying whites cleansing blacks
>When a card implies that blacks killing whites is killing the virtuous

Name calling is part of a solid foundation, now that’s not the say you should build an argument using only insults, but it should be the base of your argument. Baka.

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Everyfin' is more proppa looted and orkified, ya git! But den dere's fings dat are proppa 'fore, an' fings dat are not proppa 'fore!

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After a fucking forever of lurking on this grognard swamp I want to ask you an important question for me.
How the fuck do I deal with absolute autistic (not the shy kind, the screamy i-know-it-all kind) manbabies. I have played two games of 40k since 3rd edition- been in the hobby since 2003 and I had no desire to play anymore since the last game (circa 2010). Am I fucking doomed to forever collect because I do not want to deal with obese manbabies flaunting their microdicks at me? None of my friends play or even collect and I really would prefer to relax while enjoying my hobby and not feeling like a fucking tard wrangler all the time.
How do I fucking do that.

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>getting new infantry models ever

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>'dese zoomy bois have no respect for kultur

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How would your party deal with "How would your party deal with" threads?

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>Except thats objectively false, because the entire plot of the VN revolves around characters that are intrinsically and explicitly linked to their own personal mythologies, where how and why a story is told or remembered has a direct and often plot relevant impact on themselves
That has absolutely no relation to meta content without a relevant self-referential context, which the VN is extremely short on. I.e. - it's absolutely not objectively false.

I mean, 40k has Warp that constantly functions as a key narrative device that occasianlly presents a meta-context that are framing the narrative for the audiences self-referential consideration of the issues of conflict, conflict's portrayal and entertainment value, and HH is specifically about nothing being what it seems after ten thousand reiterations, and thus the very principles of 40k worldbuilding.

I still think that both cases are very far from being quality media straight, and from having meaningful meta-content beyond winking at it's audience occasianlly..

>It would be hard to offer a definition of metafiction that doesn't clearly apply to Fate
If we use this framework, it becomes stupendously stretched to the point of meaninglessness.

I just can't stop being amazed at the size of stones you are throwing despite what your house is made out of. Sure, it feels pleasant to be smug about consuming some LCD nieche media superior to other LCD nieche media, but wishful thinking does not make it true. They are both extremely messy and constantly mismanaged, overdragged franchses full to the brim with very low-quality content that we find appealing pretty much only due to significant flaws in our own fpreferences, the stuff itself built fully and entirely with no other purpose other than exploiting those flaws to make us pay money. Yes, people who work on it can by occasianally be original and creative, but that'ss not enough to change their nature as manchild cultivation ops.

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>if I tell them to go to reddit they won't know I'ma newfag

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>this lack of dakka

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I said task not made up words.

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Rolled 8 (1d10)

>ain't looted much, boss
That aint orky.

Wot did ya do wit it?

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