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So, Gunpowder Quest.

I saw the notes, and I like them. But, I'd rather run it on Anonkun- I think /tg/'s a little too poisonous. Do you think Twen'd mind me running it on Anonkun? Is Twen out there?

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There need to be more seafaring RPGs set during the age of sail. All I know about is 7th Sea, and that RPG is dead.

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I don't want to deal with kobolds. The game is most balanced at core, the less books added, the better. Aside from that, in my game's setting, kobolds are just tribal jerks the exist only to populate dungeons with low level exp bags. Making a character of one is just special snowflaking. The end.

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Damn. Lost to busty Talim.

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Yeah I am looking for any pictures I like on google to post.

I don't really have much in the way of portraits but I can post general fantasy art if you want to shift the thread.

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