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This is how I sorceress.

"I cast harden."

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Why thank you kind anon.

Appropriate Sorceress attire in response.

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You, good sir, are a God among Men. Please accept this image as my gratitude.

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>playing canon characters.
Awh, you're kind of cute when you think you're worth a damn.

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You have no faith your wizardly ways!

Thinking about it, what about girl wizards? Is this even possible?

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>a self proclaimed Wiccan wants to join our Shadowrun AND D&D game

Unless they "bible thump" you and your group during a game, why not let them play?

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/tg/, do you guys know of any ruleset for building up a town/fort's defenses?

I want to be in a game where choosing whether to add anti-air traps vs extra walls, or so on, is as important as the actual combat. Anything that puts that sort of mechanic front and center?

>pic unrelated

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I actually started to listen audiobook version of "Wizard's First Rule" because of that "Sword of Truth" thread couple of weeks ago. It's... It's exactly as awful as /tg/ said it would be. Richard is a dick, Zed is a cynical dick, Mother Confessor is just plain boring, Darken Rahl is a pacifist/stalinist dick and that other bad guy is a rapist dick.

Also, Shota the Witch Woman is pretty unfortunately named.

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Take a deep breath. Not everyone on /tg/ is trying to shit on someone's parade.

Basically all these posts are mine;


I suggested the very first time I brought this up that the spell could be used on "defeated enemies". Your response was admittedly amusing, and I decided to reply in kind.

My last post was just a thematic suggestion of how Geas/Quest is could be used or played out in a Good party.

> If you're going to keep changing the parameters here


29898607 You use them on your previously defeated enemies to create thralls,

Mind controlling innocent people is most definitely evil. Forcing your enemies to actually pay for their crimes by rectifying their wrongs is the highest possible kind of justice.

There really isn't a need for an argument about this - my point was that you don't use enchantment to defeat the Wizard or the Dragon or whomever, you use it AFTER you defeat them.

Now look into my eyes, and feel a calm wash over you..

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This is how I lewd witch.
>"I cast harden."

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Sounds like fun.
I'll get my robe and wizard hat.

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I cast harden.

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Delicious lewd.

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It's ability activates when it makes it out onto the battlefield successfully , so a counter spell instant would keep it from being used. Is that what you're asking?

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This is too good to pass up.

And it's probably exactly what she hoped for.

Jesus, guys, she's showing off in front of Rein.

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I'd hope not.

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>pointy hat up me jacksie.


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I cast harden.

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Stupid sexy lesbian witches.

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