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They're redoing the old Uncharted minis, to be on par with the more recent ones, like the Ralgard fleet

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I'm not really sure, but most of the crowd who played Unchaarted Seas transfered to Firestorm Armada, and most of them transfered to Dystopian Wars.
Still, i personally don't enjoy the minis on Uncharted.
But some of the new stuff, like the Ralgard looks pretty awesome.

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Alright /tg/, i'm looking into maybe playing some Uncharted Seas because i'm a sucker for naval combat. thing is, I don't want to buy anything until i've had a chance to read the rules. Of course I could just buy the rulebook, but then if I end up not liking it/not being to find anyone else who might enjoy it i'll be out around $30. I've tried /rs/ but I can't find them there, so do any of you folks know where I might be able to find a pdf of it?

In return, the newest fleet.

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