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There's a QQ perk that kinda does that and at least one xianxia jump that allows you to make a customized cultivation method, but I don't think either of those would quite work.

I think you should find some way to make a kind of magical symbiote, almost exactly like a celestial exaltation. Lodge it within someone, let them do all the cultivation work, but keep it distinct from their soul so that it can detach on death and fly back to you. You could probably design it to copy memories, combat experience and any techniques they learned as well.

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What's the most tanky you can get?

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So I saw this pic related and wondered, would it be possible to do kamen rider style armor and powers in exalted?

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I'm looking at the 3e lore charms right now and the huge block of wyld-shaping stuff, and I wonder.

If I don't want to go deep into chaos to build stuff, is there any way to artificially create a wyld zone? I know you could do in 2e, by blowing up certain artifacts, but I want to do it in controlled, laboratory conditions.

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So. New crafting system, with major, superior, and legendary projects. Anyone have any ideas of what they're going to make? There are high level manses and artefact weapons and armour, which are the easiest to imagine, but what if I want to play as a alchemist? Besides the Soul Perfecting Elixer, what can I make?

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The armour will probably be artefact armour, plate I reckon. If it's rated three dots or higher You can give it evocations, which are their own power set. You'll only need one artefact, instead of several pieces, it's less mote intensive and an Evocation Array can have a potentially infinite amount of evocations. On of these Evocations could be used to turn your armour into a belt buckle, thus alleviating the need for that artefact.

If you can't find a martial art you like, Brawl is powerful in it's own right and you can simply refluff the attacks as kicks. It offers little in the way of defence, but you've got armour for that.

There's also Hauberk Summoning Gesture to store armour elsewhere or summon it onto your body. Glorious Solar Plate allow you to create armour out of nothing with it's own Evocations, you can literally be Kamen Rider if you take Resistance as your Supernal ability and start with that charm, you'll have absolutely no need for anything else.

Just out of curiosity what caste are you going to play? Zenith seems thematically appropriate, between the "Detect Injustice" Anima power and the spread of caste abilities.

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People just don't get the idea of being a decent human being as a superpower. That the horrors, the terrors, the darkness of the world just can't touch love, kindness, mercy, and faith. They cry "but what about these people who have that and still get tortured", and they don't understand that that's the point of faith - you test it, and test it, and test it again.

Faith is like a sword: it gets tempered over and over until it's hard and sharp and ready to be used against the things that need to taste its blade.

Sometimes it wavers. Sometimes the darkness threatens to overwhelm it. But faith is the knowledge that no matter how dark the night, tomorrow will always come.

Pic super related.

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But we have a confirmed early version coming to backers in the thread linked in the OP. So that might shave a week or two off the month or months left.

For myself, I'm running a Leak game as I'm entirely too impatient to not do so. I even have someone running the craft system it seems, something I thought was neat (if a bit insane as a first draft) so... I'll have something more than analysis to add to these threads. Gonna try the suggested rules for running mortals and having them exalt.

I'm even going to play with exalting players on a case by case basis for awhile. Though there will be a timeskip the moment people seem to be getting frustrated with the power gap that makes. I'm curious as to what /tg/ thinks of trying to do it this way.

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What is the likelihood of the following scenario ever happening?

A person in the Realm (or one of its satrapies) exalts as a Twilight caste and before long attracts a Wyld Hunt consisting of DBs who are all family members. However, instead of being killed, the Twilight is kidnapped by the Dragon Blooded and set to work designing artefacts in order to give the family some power and an edge in the political playing field. The Solar is kept in a building that is part prison, part study and is claimed to be a Lost Egg if anyone talks about him.

Is it possible to create a campaign out of this; as either a political DB campaign or a solo campaign consisting of the Twilight breaking out a la Iron Man?

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Exalted. Five color-coded Princes of the Earth trying to stop the two horrible demons who stole the light of the Sun and Moon and their armies of Tiger Warriors and Beastmen. The demons were a Prince and Princess of the Sun and Moon all along, and were never bad guys at all. The sequel series follows the newly-protagonist Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger as they try to thwart the 100 Star Lords and their armies of manipulated Dragon Prince minions.

Exalted is tokusatsu as fuck.

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That's the plan. To have a 'normal' persona, to be able to do stealth/investigation/lurking, and to be able to go glorious blazing hero when the time demands.

Now I need to decide what kind of motifs to include in his costume/totemic banner. Probably not bats, spiders, or beetles, just to avoid being even more derivative than it already will be!

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Become Solar Rider. Powered Armour and Magitech are things in Exalted.

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Bah, with the right artefacts you can do that in any game.

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That is kickass. And I also found Twilight Rider in the artists gallery. Did he play that character?

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>Martial Arts counter-espionage fate-plagued Solar with a hate-boner for the corruption in Yu Shan
Sounds like JUSTICE to me!

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Favour resistance for armour, and maybe craft for repairing said armour. Performance for rallying troops and War for leading them. Lore will let you train mortals to enlightenment, migitating the need for Aegis-Inset amulets. You can use any MA style that uses armour.

You might pick up Bracers of Universal Crafting, which allow you to add (Essence) successes to repairing your armour. And take a look at the automata section of WotLA, for some high tech weapons.

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Hey, here's a new Exalted General. The starting topic of today's thread is how fucking sweet flame pieces are. Isn't fire dust the shit?

On that note, what's the best way to be a totally fantastic swashbuckler who boffs around with a sword in their main hand and a pistol in their off hand? It's an archetype that you see in media all the time, but do I actually have to invest in both Melee and Archery to be fantastic like that?

Is there a better way?

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While we're on the subject of character building; I was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm looking to make a Twilight caste artificer that specializes in Magitech, Power-Armour, and Righteous Devil Style. Can I use Concussive Essence Cannons and Fiery Solar Cannon with RDS? Is Biomagitech worth investing in? Character would kind of be like pic related, using ranged attacks to deal with enemies.

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Make Twilight Rider, obviously.

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You mean Twilight Rider? I'm fairly sure we've discussed it here already.

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Energy weapons built in
Increased Combat Skills
Custom Charms to banish it to elsewhere and don it in a moment


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Be careful bad mouthing Twilights.

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Everyone is magic

But Twilights are more magic than magic

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