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If you had the power(and it was actually feasible)which 3(and only 3)boards would you ban from /tg/?

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not me

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I actually liked the Eldar codex, and my favorite craftworld is Iyanden.

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So it's only Alaitoc?

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I literally burst out laughing.

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They are more battle brothers than it would be possible for any other allied force + eldar/de.
Also, harlequins.

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How do we fix the Eldar?

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When will the Eldar reclaim the galaxy from the primitives and freaks that now infest it?

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That guy's a team player.

Anyway, OP, I'll see what I've got.

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So, Vanilla, Chocolate or Rainbow Sherbet Eldar?

Starting an Craftworld Eldar army, so...Eldar General?

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As I promised, my battle-brothers, I have a third, and hopefully final, thread for us all, so that we may finish what we started. If some do not remember the grand time yesterday, or simply is new, allow me to direct you to

What is the concept? Make the most fucked-over chapter in the Imperium; mutation, declaration of being traitors, etc. yet keep them loyal.

And we've, hopefully, managed to fully create it; We've ran the chapter and its homeworld through all three major tables; Space Marine Chapter Creation, Chaos Warband, and Chaos Space Marine Warband, due to mutations and location of the homeworld...

But we still need to iron out the fluff, as well as choose three important aspects:
Name (Something other than Electes Imperitoris (Emp's chosen in latin) unless we want to keep it)
Armor Colors

Also fleshing out our fluff a bit more. After that, I'm going to start converting everything over to a 1d4chan page. FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

Will also post stats decided on in the last thread. Will be several posts long, so bear with me.

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More than a few fa/tg/uys wanted to bear her children, only hindered by their biological forms from doing so.

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They're quite fond of dancing and the arts in general.

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Exactly how well trained are Guardians?

Everyone always makes it seem like every single Eldar is some kind of elite warrior, equal to your average Space Marine (though the games present otherwise), but I don't think anyone's ever described what an Eldar Militia could do.

I guess that would exclude Black Guardians since they seem to be Faux Dire Avengers.

So how would Guardians face against (one on one) a Guardsman, an Ork, a Space Marine, a Dark Eldar Warrior, etc.

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I guess that's as good an answer as any.

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I like the sounds of it. Sounds kind of like an even more radical Biel-tan. Is the origins archived somewhere?

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>but if that is their concept of a good unit, they really need a new codex

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It's whatever the author wants it to be.

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can you shed any light on the specifics of GW's license with LotR? is their license with the Tolkien Estate itself, or with New Line Cinema?

-can GW cross-market its own products along with the ones it makes under the LotR license, or not?

-can LotR models be used, in whole or in part, in non-LotR GW tourneys, such as WHFB?

-is it true that GW cannot "officially" suggest that players use LotR models or bits in non-LotR conversions?

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They rip the souls of the dead out of artificial heaven so they can keep fighting (wraith units). Artificial heaven can even be destroyed, and then all of their souls get eaten by Slaanesh.

Most of their gods are dead. All that remains are the healing goddess, who is Nurgle's unwilling waifu, and their trickster god, who lolnope'd out of the universe.

Their one hope is that when they all die, their death god will come back and maybe be strong enough to take on Slaanesh. Then everyone can just pretend they never happened.

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I Dark Angels - 1
II Unknown - 1
III Emperor's Children - 1
IV Iron Warriors - 2
V White Scars - 2
VI Space Wolves - 4
VII Imperial Fists - 5
VIII Night Lords - 4
IX Blood Angels - 1
X Iron Hands - 3
XI Unknown - 1
XII World Eaters - 1
XIII Ultramarines - 10
XIV Death Guard - 1
XV Thousand Sons - 5
XVI Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus - 1
XVII Word Bearers - 1
XVIII Salamanders - 6
XIX Raven Guard - 2
XX Alpha Legion - 6

>Emperors Children: 1

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