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This is all fact.

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I am digging this thread

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I've been thinking /tg/, you know how we all like to say the usual depiction of Chaos Lords as mustache twirling Saturday morning cartoon villain is childish and an insult to the intelligence of the players and so on?

Suppose tomorrow Relic releases another Space Marine game, only this time stars a band of CSMs lead by a Chaos Lord player characters. Outwardly this guy is a badass mofo and villainy and fits the usual depiction of a BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD Chaos Lord.

But then through introspection and flashback scenes we learn that he originally turned to Chaos to gain the power to save a band of his battle brothers, much like Tarkus' fall in Chaos Rising. And to this day he is haunted by guilt and in his private moment he thinks about what might have been had he stayed true to the Emperor and stood with his brothers.

Would you welcome such a depiction of Chaos? Or would the fact that this Chaos Lord having depth and not conforming to the usually METAL BAWKSES mold make you throw a shitstorm?

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