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This eldar godess can heal everything, right? maybe the eldars can avoid this shit.

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Why is she so cute bros?

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I've just missread.
Cronworld-Craftworld you know.
> who have proven themselves to be incompetent many times.
Yes I know.

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Thank you

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Macha because cute.

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> Kelly was allowed to write some craftworld fluff
> Do you remember that exodite world which worldspirit got possesed by tzeenchian daemons?
> Purged and avenged by Iyanden.
> Do you remember that maiden world which got destroyed by tau?
> Avenged by Iyanden.
> Some exodite worlds got attacked by foolish humies which every time leds to slaughter for them.
> Performed by Iyanden
> Iyanden tricks M'Kar to attack Ultramar instead of them
> Iyanden tricks some stupid spess muhrens to fight tyranids instead of them
> Biel-Tan have defeated 10 space marine chapter and 2 imperial battlefleets simultaneously
> Yriel beating some chaos lord in duel
> Avatar fucking tyranids and NOT DYING
> mft

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Moshi moshi, Macha desu

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>Being shown how to clusterfuck even Orks from behind with only a lasgun. It is a good time to mention that the Guardsmen being trained to do these kinds of things all volunteered to do this, which adds some rather wiry hairs to their massive steel balls.

Is this true, /tg/? Is my favorite regiment really one of the most badass?

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Hmm, that would've worked. If only Casey Hudson thought like you did, Anon

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Those are still pretty good-sized.

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Whoops, no image.
"Mortification of the flesh is purification of the spirit."
IE, "Fuck you and your comfortable shoes. I LIKE the Rusty Thumbtacks of Sanctification woven inside my rags."

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>I could try. I've never done something like that/this before, so, if you're willing to wait, I'll give it a try.

Absolutely, it's no problem at all. If you ever have questions, I'll try and do my best to answer them.

Once again, thanks!

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“You know how I feel about gos-” Agrias began to say.

“Let's hear it,” everyone else said. Lavian giggled.

“OK, so you know the Eldar Farseers? Mysterious elf-aliens that never deign to interact with anyone but Cheryl and select psychics like Tosh because we're monkeys to them? Well... it seems ONE of them has taken an interest in a certain man on the crew,” Lavian said, wagging her eyebrows suggestively.

“You're kidding me, I work with them all day, how did I not know this. This I gotta hear. Who?” Cheryl asked, leaning forward.

“Finalon!” Alicia let out, grinning. “The farseers go on about how sad it must be to be an eldar and not a psyker, and from so primitive a world, but one of them just will not take her eyes off him!”

“That makes sense,” Agrias nods. “Given what I've seen of both. Finalon possesses a certain dignity and grace that must appeal to the controlled and composed farseers.”

“...but since he's from a primitive world, he's got that wildman spice to him! Forbidden fruit!” Lavian laughed, waggling her fingers.

“Good for them, there's a severe shortage of happy couples on this boat,” Lyla stated. She scowled. “Bad for us, though. Even slimmer pickings now, and the field wasn't so hot before.”

“So when can we expect to hear rumors of starlight dinners between our pointy-eared friends?” Elaine asks, smiling.

“Never, probably,” Sonya scoffs. Elaine looked puzzled. Sonya sighed. “They're elves. Live for hundreds of years. When courting another of their kind, they're not under a 'rush' as if they were courting a human or short lived species. They can take their time. They will take their time. By the end of all this, maybe the farseer will have said 'hello' to him.”

“But Farseers aren't elves, just elf-like,” Cheryl brought up. “They're a seething torrent of emotion under all that rigid control. Who knows what their courtships are like?”

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Heh, me of all the people posting...
It's all canon. Or not canon. It's rumors, exaggeration, propaganda or even outright lies.
GW's standard line, which itself isn't a neatly delineated thing, is that every thing or activity or item could be true. Or false.
Do the Necrons possess an artifact capable of selectively snuffing out stars at nearly unlimited stellar distances?
Has Farseer Macha been seduced by a Callidus assassin disguised as the Emperor?
>Can you repeat the question?

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So goes the tales of brighter days and better gods.
Thanks again Someone Else.
It's been a hell of a ride.

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"You can't make me!"

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This, oh gloomy Grey golem, is my faith.
I'll let you puzzle out the rest.

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Tiny Macha will plot her demise!

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>babby Macha
>wat do?

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Also, Inquisitor Lawrence hears some scuttlebutt about summoning the Kriegers on this relatively compliant Imperial World, and deigns to pull said guardsman aside (please give yourself something of a name, if only for my ease).
"Guardsman, you must not understand the true value of the Imperium. No matter your jokes and jests about the ineffectiveness of the standard weapons of the Administratum, you must always face the foes of Humanity with a smile!...*silence*I can see it in your eyes, guardsman...you want to say something...didn't I say free speech was part and parcel of my retinue?!

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This is your daily reminder, /tg/:

Don't stop believing. There is someone out there for you to spend your life with. Never give up, never give in, for somewhere out there is your special person.

Take me for example. Two years ago i was ears deep in depression and thinking of offing myself because i thought i would never find a girl. Today I'm happily married to the best damn woman in the galaxy.

And for all of you who always were told at school that "you'll never find anyone, no one wants you etc etc" i have only one thing to say. Prove them wrong. Get out there and take chances. Roll those social dice of yours. Talk to people and soon you'll find someone. Maybe you won't find your soulmate first try, but keep at it and soon you'll find that special someone.

The important thing is: Never. Give. Up.

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