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Holy cow man, that's definitely worse than anything I can think of from my past group breakups... That's like life-altering shit right there.

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How do I redeem myself?

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>I’ll never welcome a tsundere bird mommy into my apartment

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I like it alot and want people to talk about it more, I'm almost finished book 9 in the main batch and have read the first 3 Esslemont books as well. The world building is enthralling and so many of the concepts are really interesting. None of my friends reading has me conflicted cause I want people to talk about it with, but them not knowing it means I have free reign to rip shit from it to use as a DM.

Without a doubt

In a sense yeah, individual arcs of the story are pretty character driven, but their arent "main characters" in the sense of a singular protagonist or group that recurs in every novel, which I guess is a little jarring for most people. But to me they are written almost more like novelized history books, and history doesnt have a single recurring MC.

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>Failing to understand a d6 system

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>another planeswalker whit that ugly-ass shavecut
for the love of god, could they stop using that shitty ass hairstyle for every fucking card, it ruins it.
Also, every real person that has it are always stuck-up asshats.

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>Have team
>Have one guy on team who has twice as much health than everyone else
>You've basically won the encounter already if the enemies decide to focus the guy who has all the health

>Gee, I know, instead of making it so the enemies have to focus the guy who has all the health, let's give him MORE health!
>Enemies now have even less reason to attack the guy with a truckload of health
>An encounter comes where the enemies attack someone who isn't the guy with a lot of health
>For once, a combat with actual danger in it because the enemies are playing smart. How do we react? Well, the guy with health has even more health, so that'll help right?
>It doesn't help
>At least my meme tank build looks nice if I post it on 4chan

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>Don’t play DnD
Fuck off. You are just upset that nobody wants to play your shitty alternatives

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>Doesn’t fuck pies

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Just PTU, waiting for Journeys.
PTU has a relatively steep learning curve, 50,000 character sheets per player, is slow and crunchy, and isn't terribly well balanced.

I had tons of fun because it's Pokemon.

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