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Something like the opposite of the Dark Angel's Stoic Defense huh? (Once per combat, gains 5 temporary wounds so long as the pretty much hold their position, losing the wounds if they willingly or unwillingly are moved from their current location)

Dunno what I'd do for it though, Maybe once per fight let the White Scar make a charge using his Run distance instead of charge? Though that makes it melee dependent.

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Neither did the White Scars player. He tried to be cheesy, so the Tau player shot him down with his own cheese.

And it could've easily had been Space Marine scouts instead of Kroot, who cares what army the guy played, he punished the White Scar player for trying to be cheesy.

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I doubt you'd be able to fit marines AND a bike into the same pod, The marines need harness equipment and such (I have a hard time seeing how 10 marines can fit in the standard pod anyways, same issue with the Rhino I guess).

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I vaguely remembered, but if what we've seen in Final Sanction is the extent of the Marine's Chapter's influence, then I don't think such a thing is needed.

Besides, thats the first supplement, which won't be out for a while, meanwhile some people might want to play their favorite chapters right away.

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Might be appropriate, but ALL tests is a bit much.

Then again, its pretty specific and specialized. However, I can't see Kill Teams getting access to vehicles too often.

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