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To be an old school mechwarrior without VDNI you need to be pretty much all flesh. And people tend to look at it as creepy to have too many doodads. Justin Allard and Clanners being exceptions. Like remember when George Hasek II got his hand shredded by a needler and they said he's never be able to pilot a mech again?

That means it's usually just the specops people and top shelf security that go full cyborg.

Well and people like the MD but remember "The first must be given freely."

Now dem cosmetic and pheromone enhancements, mmmmm hmmm. I bet that stuff is popular out by Canopus.

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Better call in the heavy duty.
How likely is it we can complete that goal anyway?

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>All techpriest crew on a full mechanicus ship, exploring the galaxy doing mechanicus shit.
>Pic related

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Do it.

This has a low chance of killing us, right?

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oh my god....it could work

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Advance west along cost

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Thank you. I'll wait.

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and his tech priest bro

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>tesla and us when we fly the shark plane

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