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I'd just ask for a sweet daemon bride and a nice apartment on a Chaos world

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>I don't think shoving poisoned barbed wire throught my urethra is "love and perfection".

You just have a closed mind and no waifu

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Yeh, I've been there for those. And more.

/tg/ has some really good drawfags. I haven't been on /tg/chan for a while though. I know a lot of /tg/ drawfags went there to post porn.

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Using your favorite rpg, (assuming it has an alignment/ morality system) tell me what your alignment and / or morality scores are?

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>dem jugs
>dem qt glasses
>getting a super long tongue
You seeing ok bro?

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Can I get a daemonette in a schoolgirl costume bending over? Either front view clevage or upskirt are fine

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No, cultist come into it knowing they might get royally fucked "but most men would rather chase the chance of being rich, than face the reality of being poor"

Plus you can be guaranteed a hot space daemon waifu

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That's Slaaneshi Salesgirl, rather than Reasonable Daemonette. She'll do anything as long as she can make a business transaction, where Reasonable Daemonette believes in heresy in moderation.

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muh boner

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how different would the 41st millennium look if:

well, if in those days before the emperor and the Imperium, when man first began exploring the stars and colonizing worlds. if their first contact with the sentient beings of the warp actually went rather well...

I mean look at it like this: humans, (prior to the imperium) have an innate sense of curiosity. So long as the denizens did not show immediate hostility the humans would probably want to ask questions.

As for the denizens of the warp , well why should they show hostility? for them they have been nurished by and captivated by the countless flickering lights of the warp, which these new creatures, these "humans" seem to be connected to.

not to mention they have a common hatred of the Eldar who have shown countless times their hatred of both species.

Now obviously First contact went horribly wrong considering that humans and the denizens of the warp want to destroy each other.

But honestly think about it... what if things went differently and the creatures of the warp ended up humanity's one and only true 'friend' among the stars.

and please suspend your inherent need for grimderp when contemplating this.

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Consider this:

what if, the harolds of Khorne who lured the world eaters and subsequent others to serve the blood god took certain 'liberties', or, mor likely, failed to correct a misnomer.

namely the part about Khorne being a goddess, not a god.

-and that the actual reason she hates sorcerors and Tzeentch in particular is that the lord of change is her ex husband.

just a thought...

my head is in a weird place this night.

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Captian's report:
while investigating one of the warp phenomenons the crew are referring to as "warp storms" we have encountered lifeforms claiming to be from within the warp itself. physical examination has confirmed that their bodies are neither carbon, nor silicon based but seem to be warp energy condensed into solid-mass. they also posess psychic powers simmilar to those seen in the eldar lifeforms which have been hindering and attacking us. However so-far these warp creatures have not shown me nor my crew any hostility, rather they seem just as curious about us as we are of them. From a sociological standpoint they seem to have a very structured, and hierarchical society that is highly ritualistic in it's natue (rather ironic given the instability of where they are from). They want to learn more about us and to be honest I think It wouldn't be a bad idea to learn more about them, humanity has enough enemies among the stars as it is, how do you recommend I proceed sir?

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And now a weirdly disturbing public service announcement from your friends at Chaos...

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>/tg/ is a worksafe board, which means no porn.
>slaaneshi whore lord
I'll just give the irony a minute or so to sink in...

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