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Also, where Carnac says this:

>Before the Warmaster can complete his conquest

The timeline entry in the supplement says this:

>Although the Warmaster completes his quest

While the rest of it is exactly the same. Suspicious.

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>no new special characters
I'd heard that was the case before but... damn.

On the other hand, hey look at that, new Abaddon art.

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I call BS (hurr hurr hurr). There's no way the Warmaster of Chaos is a worse shot than an ordinary Space Marine.

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>Finally, our host met with the Otman army on the Red Grass. Standing with the enemy were twenty Storm Giants, heroes of the Otman who it was said had travelled beyond the winds to the citadel of the Sky God and had now returned to save their people from our wrath. The Prophet told us that immortality would be the reward for those who bested them.

>My soul called for the blood of these warriors and I charged gladly into battle. Over that long day I charged five times, each time I fired every pistol but to no effect – the Storm Giants’ armour was proof against my bullets. In each charge I saw their guns cut through our squadrons, piling great heaps of men and horses before their lines. The evening sky turned blood red and the air stank of death. The great horde of the Tabor, the sons of the Prophet, was all but destroyed, my father was dead, my brothers were dead. I was wounded and my fine sabre broken yet my hatred for my enemies was greater than ever. We prepared for one more charge, no longer in squadrons but a scattering of bloodied individuals, awaiting a sign from the Prophet.

>Instead of raising the banner to signal another charge he pointed to the crest of the hill at his back as the moon rose behind it. Over the ridge came daemons with blood-soaked skin bearing huge axes and swords. They rushed at the Storm Giants and we followed. The Warriors of the Gods clashed and normal men were hurled about by the power they unleashed. I staggered into the press clutching a broken lance. Flaming winds cast me down but I pressed on and thrust my lance into the first of the Storm Giants I could reach. I struck him where his armour was twisted and melted. He fell and as he did the Prophet leapt upon him and with glowing blade cut him open and pulled the organs from his body. He held his bloody prizes aloft and told me that immortality beckoned me.

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Creed stole it. The entire 13th Black Crusade was nothing more than a front for Abaddon's attempt to get it back.

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Have GW and their artists finally decided how articulated the Talon's fingers are yet?

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Not a Necron planet per se, but Mars itself.

>“In the shade of Terra, beneath the mountains of mist, there is a new type of death. A sacrifice of men, but the precious souls are not consumed, they are cast adrift. Many are the daemons that wait like carrion to feast on the leavings from this rich table.”

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>When Honsou returned to the Iron Warriors' homeworld of Medrengard within the nightmarish realm of the Eye of Terror, he sent the newly obtained gene-seed to the Forces of Chaos' Warmaster Abaddon the Despoiler as was required, but he secretly kept a small portion of the pure genetic material for himself.

Get 'im, Eliphas!

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“And the Fallen will band together,
And herald one among them King.”

For four hundred years and more, the Eye will sleep. It will be assumed that those inside have torn themselves apart, and left themselves as little more than barbarians, struggling and clawing at one another on those worlds upon which they have been stranded. These assumptions will be proved mistaken, and the price will be dear.

The Traitor Legions will return, and at their head the Abandoned One will scream his bloody cry. He will lead the Legions of Black, and rekindle ambitions to force the Empire of Mankind to bend knee before Chaos and lament before his might.

This invasion will demonstrate little of the subtlety and malevolent brilliance that he will later show, but in this endeavour he will learn much to aid him in future times. Toward the Heart of Humanity will his forces be driven, in the hopes to accomplish where his thrice-damned forebears have failed. Wherever the Crusade passes will be left burnt cinders and shattered husks, devoid of life forever more.

But, as they will do both before and after, and in a manner eerily reminiscent of the dark days, the Guardians of the Imperium, Priest of the Machine, and giant warriors in gleaming armour who bring purity and death in equal measure, the Chapters of the Astartes, will march forth together, and as one, turn The Abandoned One back; but not until a bitter struggle has been waged, and one too close to the beating heart of Mankind for fears ever to be assuaged.

It will be on his excursion to the forbidden hills on Uralan that The Abandoned One will lay claim to the sword that imprisons the essence of Drach’nyen. Of how he obtained such an item, I cannot see.

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Abaddon gets transported to the Realm of Chaos, beats up Draigo.

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‘You are not answering my question, Ruven.’

He swallowed again. ‘I am, Talos. I am. The Eighth Legion is a weak, unbalanced thing – a broken coalition devoted to its own sadistic pleasure. No greater goals beyond slaughter. No higher ambitions beyond surviving and slaughtering. That is no secret. I am no longer a Night Lord, but I am still Nostraman. Do you think I enjoyed kneeling before Abaddon? Do you think I relished that the Warmaster rose from another Legion, instead of my own? I loathed Abaddon, yet I respected him, for he will do what no other can. The gods have marked him, chosen him to remain in the material realm and do what the primarchs never could.’

Ruven took a shivering breath, visibly weakening as he finished. ‘You asked why I joined the Despoiler, and the answer is in the fate of the primarchs. They were never intended to be the inheritors of this empire. Their fates were sealed with their births, let alone their ascensions. They are echoes, almost gone from the galaxy, engaged in the Great Game of Chaos far from mortal eyes. The empire belongs to us, for we are still here. We are the warriors that remained behind.’

Talos took several seconds to answer. ‘You truly believe what you are saying. I can tell.’

Ruven gave a defeated laugh. ‘Everyone believes it, Talos, because it is the truth. I left the Legion because I rejected the aimless butchery, and the naive, worthless hope of simply surviving this war. Survival wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to win.’

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extra armour + weapons of 2 space marines(or one heavy support) + veteran status and skills

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general CSM professional art thread

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oops, i meant Nationalists

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