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Hello /tg/

I'm looking to buy inexpensive 40k models. How do I into 40k less expensively?

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Thanos and Darkseid would each create a most flawless and brilliant plant that fucks up everything in 40k but then they would start a debate on which one is better and they would debate wold last for thousands of years while each are trying to prove the superiority of their plan without revealing too much for the others. As for 40k the galaxy, it would just stay the same because in 40k NOTHING EVER CHANGES!

>conclusion dhibli
Yes captcha that is the most likely conclusion!

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The forces of Chaos flounder, and then unleashes its true fury as a new God takes rank among them?

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You are committing heresy it is really simple...

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Ah, found it now. May the Emperor protect you for your service.

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Just because lots of fa/tg/uys used to pretend to be classy chaps doesn't make it any less funny.

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>>grim dark
HAHAHA!! no...

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A thousand internets to you sir!

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Looking at Imperial Armour 8. Why would anyone ever take a Vulture?

Seriously, I don't understand what role it plays, it's a Vendetta with less firepower (and higher pricetag) that can't transport troops.

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I have a sociological question for all the Bri/tg/uys out there,

What are the politics of Games Workshop and The Hobby in the UK?

It seems to me that the early stuff (especially the RT-era) was a pretty clear pastiche of post-colonial Britain (even "Ghazghkull Thraka" is sometimes taken to be a joke on "Margret Thatcher"), but given that the more recent stuff (3rd Edition and beyond) has been more un-ironically grimderpy I can see some pretty nasty types of people taking up the hobby. Even rumors of National Front-types in the upper management of GW these days.

Any comment/inuendo?

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Looks like someone's mommy and/or daddy wouldn't buy them Space Marine :}

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Found this in /t/ the other day and was wondering if anybody out there could seed it, would be much appreciated.


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OP here. Guys, please, stop being so serious.

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so /tg/ any ideas on what's getting updated in the new edition of Warhammer? (also anyone know what the new starter is going to contain?)

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I posted earlier about starting a Chaos Space Marines army based around Slaanesh. Aside from being unsure of war gear, here's what I have so far, feel free to make suggestions to a new player:

1 Daemon Prince
2 Sorcerers
5 squads of Noise Marines
3 squads of Chaos Space Marine
1-2 squads of Bikes

Anything else, I'm not sure of yet, and like I said, no idea what I should use for weapons.

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