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Are you still here, OP? The Worlds method of play is genius, and I would highly suggest at least trying it out. I've played quite a few traditional games in my time, but playing Dungeon World is easily the most fun I've had.

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Alternatively, feeding the Tzar a potion of Undead Anatomy I and having the Bard yell "He's in the power of the necromancer! He's turning into an undead! Quickly, hit him with as much positive energy as you can!" is funny and nasty. Kill him with cure spells, and convince everyone you were trying your best to help.

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Your problem is that when you GM you can put the character outside yourself: he does this, he does that, he's a bastard. But when you're a player, just controlling one character, it's harder to separate. The actions become yours: I do this, I do that, I'm a bastard.

The solution is simple: tell yourself you're not playing, you're GMing a single character. You are not rooting for your evil bastard, he is a villain you are controlling. His goals are selfish and wicked, your goal is to make the game more fun by putting a cackling villain in it. He's trying to assassinate his brother and sell the kingdom to an evil god. You're trying to entertain everyone by giving them a really cool villain to thwart or redeem.

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No, we're playing Supernatural Mafia. Because, as I explained, the Masquerade is a nonsensical but fun genre trope. Like mechs. Whatever your tech level, tank, plane, or personal armor is gonna be a less silly design, but mech games are fun. It's just dumb to try to defend them as logical. If Battletech wasn't silly, they'd be big aircraft, and if Vampire wasn't silly it would be "sorry, can't do Tuesday night, it's my monthly bite. I was diagnosed with lung cancer back in '04, but the vitae has kept me healthy as a horse since then." But, you know, fun things are fun.

And we really don't emphasize the "sexy." Not that kind of table. We're much more about the plotting and power plays, and most of us go with the "dead now, no more sex drive, blood only" option.

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Working on a military-officer necromancer, raising the troops and getting them back into formation.

Any feats or skills I can use to make my animated dead better soldiers? Order them around more effectively and such?

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>So personally, I'd treat Downtime spellcasting as a Spellcasting skill check to accomplish [Downtime Objective], representing whatever magical shit they might want to do over that time period, much as a doctor might use Medicine for Treatment over Downtime.

Hmm. Best answer I've gotten so far. Yeah, this works, thanks!

How many of the plagued villagers can you cure with Heal? Make some spellcasting checks. Wanna use Move Earth to build fortifications? Make some checks, the results will determine how much you get done and how much of a bonus you get in the ensuing siege.

Doesn't quite answer the question of "how many skeletons do I walk around with," though. And Animate Dead is straight-up worse than the Call from Beyond spells. Call from beyond lasts as long, is much more flexible in terms of what you can get, and most importantly doesn't require a huge material component. The only advantage of Animate is that you can make it permanent, but you probably shouldn't, because it's so expensive. Bah! Bah, I say! The Conjurers overpower the Necromancers in another system! We'll get you yet, you fiend-fellating fools!

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I don't need rights! Me and my fellows own you all, after all. If the Orcs start being honest workers, sure. Human grunts already make good footsoldiers. The Orcish sense of honor would just be... problematic. I prefer the Mantids. I voted for them in the rights treaty. Let's hope Lord Aureus has some sense. Those talons do good work!

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>"Are you prepared to face the consequences of PROGRESS?!"

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>We all know Death sometime, walk with him too.
>Most nobody knows him until he comes knockin' for you.
>But some fellers know him personal, like an ol' and dear friend.
>But if you invite him over too much, his visit might never end.
>Some say he's not the personable sort, a real dreary dreadful.
>Some say he's the Devil himself, evil and resentful.
>Some say he can laugh and drink, just like rest of us.
>Some say he's a friend acts at the behest of us
>those Haiti negros done got themselves friends with Death
>They don't pray to no Christian God, don't pray a single breath.
>Their Death is the kind you could have a good time talkin' to.
>You just can't wait 'till he comes knockin' fer you.
>Every time he visits he takes somebody with him, it's true
>And when you shake the hand of Death, you can make a deal or two.
>those Hatian negroes, they come back up here.
>weaving them heathen magics, gettin' far too near.
>So if'n you find the courage of heroes old and gone
>I'd pay you quite a sum, if you snuff them before dawn.
>but just keep a mind of this, you group of heroes new.
>Steer clear of that feller Death, or he might come knockin' fer you.

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Sentient Skeletons walk the earth. Due to not technically being alive, the Caretakers ignore them. the skeletons have used this opportunity to create fine wineries and other lairs of excess. These Skeletons live their eternal lives as arrogant nobles, offering jobs to dim-witted wanderers, only to rat them out to the caretakers when what they requested has been completed.

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This pleases me

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the headmaster

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I like it, I picture an insane yet tasteful immortal that has spent eternity creating a horrifying trans-dimensional labyrinth, whose entrance entices mortal adventurers to enter by claiming to hold the secret to eternal life, which would turn out to be a sick joke on the part of Thane as he rebuilds them for all time until they become one of the monsters of the maze.

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"A ready working populus, a surplus of food, and advanced military goods."

"What we seek in exchange is the ability to back our Dollar with Goldenclencher gold, that is, we wish to invest in you as our Federal Reserve and bolster our economy. This will more than likely include us depositing any gold supplies we find in your lands."

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Is there any other way to do it?
I mean, there are other ways to do it
But are there, really?

Some buddies of mine were trying to figure out if you could make a bard into a lich. I haven't looked too much into it but I think that would be hilarious. Timbo the tapdancing lich! Hide your children from the undead horde, and your women from his immortal tongue!

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Hey guys, what if a necromancer rose a huge-ass crustacean as a skeleton and used it as a mobile base?
Other than clearing out the flesh, and the wrath of undead-hating forces, what would be some difficulties said necromancer would experience?

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Old Man Bones

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Much obliged.

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>Having flaws and weaknesses

Pick one.

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