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i would'nt. but i'm not in a position where that's a reality. It would be bad to take suggestions from 4chan seriously. So it seems you've already made up your mind

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>Scalies not as bad if not worse than furries

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No they aren't. You know it, I know it, and the Magefags CERTAINLY know it as they are about to make VERY clear.

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>Revolvers are innately superior to semi-autos

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Pick one. It's a knife, govna, honest.

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Lets talk about SOAK instead, because thats the number thats actually relevant.

And speaking from experience:
I'm sitting at 30 SOAK atm and i will be getting to at least 36 before i spend the 20 Karma on Redliner.
Your mileage might differ if you are less unlucky at dicerolls than i am.

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>It's so much better I run a game no one enjoys instead of a game I want with like-minded people

You seem upset anon.

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>Not Clan Hell's Ghost Wolf

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>Implying that this is solely the realm of Furries.
>Implying that it isn't all That Guys.
>Implying that all Furries are That Guys (most are, but I've met some decent ones).
>Implying that you aren't doing any of those things.
>Implying that you aren't actually a shit GM.
>Implying you aren't the one getting butthurt as fuck.

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It can easily be assumed that all the legendaries that you can catch are just an Avatar of that specific god.

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Lots of green going on there.

>based Forsaken plaguing Azeroth
Truly a thing of beauty.

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Except that pic isn't them going out and meeting people. The people in the car and the guy street saying already know eachother. They just happen to be doing dumb shit where the rest of the Internet is. 4chan has a penchant to pour it's asshattery out into the rest of the Internet from time to time. And even the media gets wind of it. Just look at how many memes come from 4chan.

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Well, the day has finally come. This thread is the prophesied memepocalypse.
Sorry, OP, it could have been a cool thread.

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The amount of things you take from your ass and try to put into my mouth is just fucking amazing.
How about you stop?

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>one true king of westeros
>when Jon is exists

still, did not deserve what happened to him. Traitors be damned

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>Implying new people need to know anything else than how to roll
>Implying all lite games aren't just the most basic rules about rolls and nothing else
>Implying its a norm for new people to actually sit and read the whole rulebook before first game

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>This entire post
Oh, right - it's already daytime in the colonies

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