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Okay, /tg/, hear me out.

Assuming a DnD style cosmology with a rainbow pantheon of gods, who are objectively known as real and who dole out the harshness/succour according to the religious tenets of the churches founded and operating in their name...

How likely would it be for something like Scientology (or some other cult) to arise? Would it even be possible?

Suppose some L. Ron Hubbard/That Mormon Guy/Whatever fantasy analogue of a scoundrel decides one day "I will start a religion for fun and profit" - not a philosophy, mind you, but a religion. A church, with doctrine, holy books, places of worship etc. He creates his own Original Deity (Do Not Steal) and generally does his best to crowbar this fictional deity into the pantheon of real ones. But he doesn't overtly deny the existence of the other gods, nor do anything explicitly to insult, offend or attack them or their worshippers.

What happens?

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how about just giving her +1/2 to Intelligence rolls consisting of spellcasting or purely mental tasks. The spasms prevent fine manipulation or subtletly of any kind as the imbiber shakes, tosses, gibbers and screams as she flails about. The effect lasts for a scene.
It can be created as a Alchemical ritual of rank 2 or so.
How does that sound?

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Playing a high level sorcerer with the power of creation

Need caster pics, preferably tearing shit up

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Unfortunately you guys bumped the thread after I went to bed last night. Give me a second to type up races, in case anyone else might be interested.

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Would it be acceptable to play a badass character even if he's a eunuch?

Let me back up. I want to make a kick ass warlock type mage character for an RP I am in. And also I am going to troll someone who made a 'Omg Perfectly pretty race of anime elves' by making them but no sex for him ever and spurning every advance. Basically, he was raised to learn magic in the sense you must give to get. So slowly he's sacrificed important bodyparts to gain magical abilities. His eyes for the ability to sense life and mana, his ring finger for wizard's stave, him cutting and re-stitching the corners of his mouth so he would be able to pronounce magical phrases more quickly, etc.

Is this acceptable?

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My players are for a piece of their Campaign, going to have to trek through the Twisting Chaos that is Limbo.

I'm looking for pictures for some otherworldly chaotic abominations for them to face. Assistance?

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Not sure if Charon is really a sorceror... but it's a cool, fantastical image nonetheless eh?

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This is your BBEG

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can I get some wierd-looking giants up in here?

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