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Black Crusade General: Questions, stories, heresy, resources. You know the drill.

Can a Nurgle-aligned sorcerer even work, mechanically? Seems like you're going to have to spend much more XP on everything useful to sorcerers (WP, Psyniscience, Psyker talents, Forbidden Lore, etc.) AND have to constantly keep your alignment in balance

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Hello /tg/,

I just picked up Black Crusade a week ago and after finally reading through it, I noticed something odd. The entire Compact system feels extremely player driven.

Before people start saying that its a roleplaying game and they are all player driven, this feels like the players dictate what missions they want to take on and what they hope to gain out of it and there is no real storytelling aspect for a GM to do other than make what they want happen, happen.

Am I just misinterpreting this and the GM has a lot more work to do than it looks like or am I on the money thinking that I'll need a group of players who want to get off their collective behinds and make their own story?

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So I've recently developed an affection for this game. What does /tg/ think of Black Crusade? How's well does it run in actual practice?

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Hey /tg/, I'm looking to get into Warhammer 40k: Black Crusade with some friends, but the only problem is we're too poor to afford the books required to play. Anywhere we can get the books for cheap from? Suggestions are also welcome.

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forget pic

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So, /tg/, what if I were running a game of Black Crusade, and the party Heretek stumbles on such a prize. What can he do with it, if anything

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Boy, do I have a game for you

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You could do that. However, try going with your original character concept. If the GM is cool with the idea of a more understanding cleric, then cool beans. If it isn't, then there's another fun game that you can play once you reach the end of your character's first arc.

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Greetings all.

I used to play some 40k a few years ago so my friend has convinced me to join a black crusade game I'm starting up. I've never played any warhammer RP before so any ideas on what I should expect?
Vague concept for a char for me is Tzeentch dedicated Tech-priest (Heretek?)

Much appreciate any info or amusing tales.

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Looking to get in on a current or future online black crusade game, it's not too easy to find one.

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/tg/ i come to you for advice.
I have been getting the urge to DM a game of black crusade, but this would be the first game i'd DM/play using the warhammer 40k system, and i feel like i don't know enough yet though I've read 3/4ths of the core book so far covering almost everything but the armory and heavy lore.
Have any tips on what not to do and what to do? Also stuff i really should know and stuff that's okay not to 100% know and double check.

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So I'm going to be joining a Black Crusade game soon. Anything I should know beforehand? I have some experience with Rogue Trader and Deathwatch, and I'm thinking of going with a CSM Chosen.

W40K RPG general, I suppose.

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rolled 17 = 17

I have an RPG group and of late one of them has expressed an interest in a 40K game. he was quite surprised that there were so many of them.

now for me the issue is that I am the Forever GM and I don't know enough about the 40K universe to be comfortable running the game.

what I need is tips and tricks and details that might help. a person run a game of Black Crusade.

the game is Black Crusade becuase the guy that wants to play asked if they could play chaos.

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I want to make enemies for a black crusade game, but there seem to be a lack of guidelines in the book. Anyone got tips, or a link to some good guidelines for making enemies for 40K rpgs?

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Guess it goes to show that heretics are far superior to some inquisitors pets or merchant princes. The starting characters in Black Crusade tend to be more durable and resourceful in comparison it seems.
Though only the strong or smart tend to leave the corpse emperors decaying theocracy and thrive.

(Of course, Deathwatch marines would still stomp over everyone?)

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Sup /tg/ I am going to be running a Black Crusade game soon for a few sessions to try out the system. Are there any issues you guys have run into with it? Say easily overlooked rules or the like? Any tips to share?

My group is three players, two marines (forsaken and chosen) and a heratek. I will likely be having them set up in a hive world trying to take advantage of food riots or perhaps a mutant sweep. Any suggestions for events they could encounter?

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Has anyone played this? And if so how has the game went? It seems that the players would bicker a lot and not get much done. Also....it seems hysterically EVUHL...

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sup /tg.

i'm thinking of joining a black crusade game but have a few questions i need answers to before i can start. i've never played anything like this and any info you give me will be helpful.
>can you remove the unbalanced trait from weapons at all or do you need to make/buy a new one
>for the renegade, what does the heavy (any) mean?
>is it possible to summon a demon without being a psyker
>if the last one is so, is there anyway for me to change my scholastic lore into forbidden lore (demonology/heresy) or will i need to consult the GM

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How does /tg/ feel about black crusade? I love DH, but it breaks down a bit as you level. Is BC any better about it? The only think I might be wary about is how they changed psykers.

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Dear /tg/,

I just finished my backstory for my Black Crusade Apostate and I'm a little worried its kind of Mary Sue. Gonna post it, tell me what you think?


I was born the planet Hevrek in the period M31, pre-Heresy. It was a moderately advanced non-Imperial world with a rigid class structure based on genetic lineage. Anyone attempting to rise above their station was viciously put down by a cadre of secret police known as the Unseen, a secretive and shadowy organization that monitored and controlled the population with fear and intimidation. Since I was an orphan the law considered me unqualified for anything but the most menial labour.

I worked for just over a year (roughly 1.6 standard) in the Belicosa mining facility which was back breaking, dangerous, and wholly unsatisfying. I began to criticize our conditions to my fellow workers, at first it was slow going, none of us were qualified for any other kind of work, but I reasoned if enough of us banded together, we could shut down the mine completely, thus we had the power. I found that I had a knack for telling people what they wanted to hear, I instinctively knew who I had to threaten, who I had to charm, and who I had to beg. We formed the Belicosa Miners Guild and our ranks swelled, production ground to a halt, and we knew the management had to meet our demands.

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Dear /tg/,

I'm working on a character for an upcoming Black Crusade game. I've never played it before and am going to go with an Apostate for being talky.

You seem to get a total shit ton of items from the get go, and you can pick up some serious shit. Unfortunately with getting so many items I have no fucking clue what else to take.

Currently I have a power fist, power sword, two las pistols, carapace armour, a refractor field, camoeline cloak, like a hundred hotshot las clips, a gas mask, bionic arm, black blood, blade-tines, and pheremone glands. But I can still take like fucking 10 more items, like what the hell else do I get?

tl;dr what items should you start with in Black Crusade?

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Hey /tg/
I recently ordered a copy of Black Crusade, since reading a pdf of it got me very interested in running it for my weekly pnp game. Largely I have played 3.x D&D, 4e D&D, and NWoD. Each of course with it's own issues.

Has anyone that has played some Black Crusade/ other 40k pnps noticed annoying issues or such?

For instance as GM I sometimes find it hard to fit attribute + skills/attribute on the fly (NWoD) for whenever an unusual situation comes up.

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So my running a BC game sometime soon and one of my players is a Marine sorcerer that deals with mindfucking people and getting into minds, so hes not really a stand up fighting type of guy and would like a psychic power that allows him to hide the fact that hes a marine from Imperial loyals but so far we haven't find a power like that. So I've come here in hopes you gentlemen may help me make the power and find it in one of the books.

Oh and BC general

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