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Think that's all I have if anyone can contribute similar.

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"Hey! Donny Martin! Sammy Davis! Thought you two good-for-nothings would be coming by soon!" You've no idea why he insist on calling you by your first name. Most people stick with just 'Don' or 'Donald'. He laughs to himself, and a few of the other patrons chuckle along with him. "You be havin' the usual I take it?" He ask, still grinning to himself. Both of you nod, and he sets about mixing drinks. He passes Sam a glass with a few ice cubes in it and a bottle of Evan Williams, while he hands you a pint and a shot of baileys.

You recognize most everyone in the place by this point, you've been coming here so long, but two faces in particular stand out. Cherise, your bitch of an ex, is sitting in a booth across from some depressed middle aged nobody sipping some obnoxious green thing. She left you to bang some greasy Mexican coworker of hers who promptly humped and dumped her. You've got a real weird dynamic goin' on with her you'd rather avoid at all cost. Fortunately she seems too absorbed in playing footsy with her date.

Then there's 'Jack'. Nobody really knows 'Jack' except for Sam, and even Sam doesn't know the guy well. You just know he's the guy that sells Sam some of the more esoteric shit he likes to ingest. Pretty odd guy, but he's got some interesting stories to tell that's for sure.

Then of course there's Mack, Hammy, and Reggie. They're all sitting a table in the corner of the room playing cards. Might be a fun time.

>What do, A-hole?

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We're kind and loving people.

Do you really love meta-threads though?

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I try to do my duty to fa/tg/uy and board.

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Thanks for the information. I'm not particularly well versed on that topic, and it's nice to learn something about it.

>This is how I seneschal.

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Shots? A Rogues drink, I will partake of some fine Cognac... lets break out the good stuff gentlemen and truly enjoy ourselves. OP is a champion of the suave.

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What ho! What is going on in here gentlemen? perhaps we should have some music and enjoy our evening even further?

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rolled 12 = 12


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Varily good sir, I believe thou hath given him quite the schorching! May I have your fist in gentlemanly concert for such a righteous heat induced wound?

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Great Scott. Gentlemen, Ladies, it has been far too long. And I fear I have been gone far too long. Truly it is great to see the mantlet taken up again. Please, Join me in a Toast

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Jolly good sir, a pleasure to have discussed this issue with you and that we have come to this conclusion.

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You all don't know pain. There is ONE hobbystore in my STATE. In the capitol... Such bullshit

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Your Mission if any of you fa/tg/uys decide to accept, is to write a short story in this thread. it can be about anything /tg/ related. Lets get the creative juices flowing and show this anon that /tg/ still has what it takes to do it. (inb450badlywrittenfap/fanfictions).
Are you all bad enough dudes to get shit done?

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You sire are a gentlemen and Scholar. I request your fist in gentlemanly concert. Thank you, if you have more i would appreciate it.

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>Deep fryer at place of employment is not working
>Co-workers getting pissed off and angry at the machine
>Calmly walk up to machine and shout "PRAISE THE OMNISSIAH" and hit it on the side.
>Fucking thing turns on and co-workers look at me like what the fuck.
>Am asked to fix the fryer when it's acting bitchy.
>My face when I am a tech-priest

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What you did there. I FUCKING SEE IT.
God damn Somnus.
No pic related unfortunately.

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Magic Hat Number 9. OP has taste, good on you my friend.

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Ah. I'm a fa/tg/uy through and through, so I'm somewhat leery of going to other boards. May try, though.

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I disagree, good sir. I cobbled together a navigator in about an hour.

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muscular or thin?

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I'm trying to come up with a Chart. A random encounter Chart I can roll on for my Explorers whenever they're exiting Warp. I figure I sure as hell can't fill in a 1-100 chart by myself, (let alone the nested charts I think the subject deserves,), so I figured I'd ask the brillian/tg/ame masters.

Here's a rough version of what I was thinking:

01-50, maybe 01-75 --- Nothing. Simply put, no matter how detailed the chart and eager I am to use it, they shouldn't be running into random encounters every freakin' time they use their warp-drive. Give 'em a break!

51-80, 76-90, something like that -- Pirates. Ideally, I'd like to generate a nested chart of a list of pirates- Maybe a rogue Rogue Trader, Eldar corsairs of one or two varieties, a pirate-hunting Imperial Navy captain that thinks the Explorers are suspicious for some reason- Examples. I'll put my full listing so far in a separate post.

Finally, 81-100 ---- The one, the only, Random Special Encounter. This is another nested chart I'm looking for advice or ideas for. Things like a derelict ship, a lost battlecruiser infested with Slaugth, A rival rogue trader, in serious trouble, to help or hinder. Again, other post(s) will have more details.

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That's awesome. You're awesome.

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