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Nonsense. Black Templar still have some pretty good rules going for them that make them a good force.

Emperor's Champion gives the entire army preferred enemy, meaning re-roll all failed hits, thrown in with lightning claws you can really tear someone a new one.

Terminators can still take 2 heavy weapons in a squad of 5, putting them ahead of all the newer codex in that regard, or, as mentioned above, just give them lightning claws and furious charge and commence rape on everything in your way.

They can put out 20-man blobs of 3+ saves, something harder to kill than even a wraithguard squad in cover.

Downsides of course are: no cheese-level missile spam like Space Wolves, no las-plas razorback spams, no psychers period(Abhor the Witch), and none of the more retarded(and mostly useless) options added in the Grey Knights and Blood Angels codex.

Conclusion: Black Templars are great for casual play and marginal for competitive play, so if you like em, play em.

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So get this /tg/

A new Battlefront game
But, with 40k instead of Star Wars.

Pic somewhat related, you could be controlling one of these

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another awesome dread from the BTs, here to apply the Holy Shocker to the enemies of the imperium.

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Damnation Crusade
Tankred's inability to distinguish past events from one another.

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Power Fists

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What's wrong with alhoons?

Would you prefer, say, a bugbear?
Or better yet, a Terminator?

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The Black Templar tend to disagree. Assaulting an enemy is often the best way of dealing with them. You want shoortouts, stick with titans and Battlefleet Gothic(still ramming, lol)

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Then why don't AdMech have an army?

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That's Raege's psyker girlfriend Boone, not culteest.

...why do I know this.

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Well, I've been casually playing RPGs for a few years now but have never, ever GM'd. After really "getting into" the 40k mythos (thanks in large part to /tg/), I found a setting that I liked enough to want to try to GM in. I've played DH before and am familiar with the universe, so I figure now's as good a time as any to get my feet wet.

Our previous game ended and Player D wants to actually play in our next game instead of run it. Enter me.

He is. It was really cool how he took the game to heart and made it believable for everyone. If he chooses to do the same thing, I'll make it up to him in-game somehow.

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Fuck it, put legs and arms on it and live in the damn thing as a mobile computer fortress.

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I have a thing for all that is dreadnoughts.

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