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Rolled 32

A = 4
C = 2
You decide to liquidate the auctioning house. Please roll 2d10+50 and add it to your wealth. Among the sold items were:

+Archaic Warp Navigation Device - allows you to travel the warp without Navigator and decreases chance of warp accident.
+Deck of Wraithbone Tarot - allows you to predict events far into the future or understand present, powerful divination tool.
+Empty Dreadnought Chasis - all marks of belonging to a Chapter are scratched off, but Destros thinks it was made back in M38.
+Blessed Chainsword "Orkmort" - allegedly carried by Saint Drusus, founder of Sector Calixis, this is a powerful weapon that to this day is being mentioned in the Orkish legends across the Segmentum, gives +30 to intimidate Orks and increases chances of having a non-violent conversation with them.

These items have been bought by various buyers.
>It seems this is an ancient progenitor of the holy machine code, I am not trained in it, but from what I see is that "existence is pain". Daemon must have summoned this from something that you know or maybe you have met or seen... But that's very strange, because machines do not have a soul to "exist" - blessed machine spirits are not self-aware.
[Strong success]
>You are right, Astartes. We fought for a common purpose, you are my ally now and I need allies who know how to handle themselves int he face of the dark powers. If you wish, I will be your mentor. Having this knowledge is a heavy burden, maybe sharing it will ease my soul.
[Eisenhorn can teach you up to +20 Exorcism and +0 Sorcery)]
>That is something I can do. However this would then impair my ability to make him willingly undo Mormark's quarantine. If I go the way of the laws, it will take years or even more to make him undo something like that.
Eisenhorn lifts a glass of amasec to his lips:
>So, Chapter Master, what is your answer? Will you accompany me?

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I think someone asked for this in the other thread.

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Yes it is true what you may have heard whispering amongst the catacombs betwixt the night and nether-night! Why not say it out loud for all to hear. Let the fools doubt and sneer, it matters not. Be proud of your humanity and keep it unsullied and blessed.

This is as my Master told it to me and now I tell it to thee.

There are a billion names of damnation! A billion kinds of things that slither and slime and defile the land and sea and wind. Each thing is a kind of sin spawned by man's evil. And that man is very sinful there are many of these damned things and their power is great.

As the purpose of all things in nature is to increase so it is with the damned. They would we joined them and so they seek to overcome us. In alien forms they assault us. In sleep they come to spread doubt and fear among us. They would corrupt our hearts and see us damned too. Trust them not nor suffer them to live.

For each alien destroyed is a soul freed from eternal bondage. Each mortal alien life extinguished is a human soul raised to glory. Thus our eternal destiny is written in the blood of the alien.

With sword and spear destroy the alien. With cannon shot and gun blast smash the alien. With laser beam and searing plasma scatter the alien to the stars. With tooth and fist and hammer blows, with axe and shell and poison-bombs, with virus-charge and thermal mines!

Kill them! Kill them! Kill them all!

As my Master told it to me I now tell it to thee that thou shalt tell others in thy turn.

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This is for an analysis video I'm doing; In regards to the Imperial Inquisition, could an all in one codex (Inquisition and Chamber Militants) be done? Or would you have them as their seperate Ordos like they did in 3rd edition? Or any other way? Let me know.

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Pic sort of unrelated.
Related pic here:

Question for all the 40k players. If this is the force organization for Apocalypse, how do some formations like the Spess Marine Masters of the Chapter, which has one Chapter Master, four Spess Marine Captains, and one Command Squad work?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's six HQ, right? The force organization only shows 2 HQ at most in the primary detachment, and 2 HQ in the secondary detachment.

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The first game I'm using this for is Dark Heresy, so I'm kind of thinking about throwing in a 40k image

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>Be reasonable
Oh ho ho, that's a paddlin'.

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Let's roll another Inquisitor, /tg/. Because why not?

For Gender roll a 1d100.

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Who I should note has been revealed to be this guy, who had remained nameless for a long while.

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Jesus, is this really what passes for a standard power armour weapon in Battletech?

This shit more ridiculous than Grey Knights. How many of these guys would you say is equal to a 2k point list?

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are you trying to imply that picture is anything but incredibly fucking awesome?

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Okay so I'm thinking of getting in to 40k but have no idea what I'm doing. I have a few questions specifically and would appreciate any other info like the different play styles opinions as to which is the best faction and why and personal experiences with a given faction.
My specific questions are:
1. can all space marines be used in the same army (except Chaos space marines obviously) ie can I use dark angels pieces with regular space marines or because they have a separate codex must they be kept separate.
2. Either way if I get regular space marine models can I just paint them in the color of a specific chapter and use them with the chapter specific pieces as if they are just regular members of that chapter?
3. what is the standard number of points allotted in a tournament game

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It's a webstore that offers a 45% discount because fuck everybody else and I sure as fuck don't want to babbysit a bunch of autists.

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For now, follow the rules in the book to the best of your ability. Should the process prove...difficult, or there are inconsistencies in character generation, the issue can be resolved on game day. This is, after all, the point of the one-shot. I myself am still reviewing the intricacies of the system.

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i.. i love you

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no need for that anon your offers have been excellent so far

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The 40K setting depresses me so much. It's just such a lost Universe. Every race is so horrible. Everything is so miserable. Everything is just geared towards war and death. I'm sure at times the races fought for things, but now it just seems to be endless combat for the sake of combat.

Is there even a potential happy ending? Is there anything that could happen that would result in any sense of goodness for the people who live in the Galaxy?

Are there any worlds, or even cities where civilians live happily?

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you dont have to call me idiot man

i was asking a simple qestion

and i know about Force Weapons and Daemon Weapons

i was just wondering if there was any other type of psychic or magic weapon

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