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Update on my own efforts, I've got just over a minute of the song done (this includes audacity editing and re-singing parts)

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Ah okay I didn't see the connection, thank you kind anon!

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It is assumed that all characters presented have all their gear, meaning Coop has Megas, and Kamina has Gurren, this also means that Creed has whatever the fuck Creed wants.

Also, Jack jumps good

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Alright fine I'll tell the story.

The GM that roped me in for my first game of Rogue Trader was incredibly nice too me, letting me get away with a LOT of stuff that I really shouldn't have. He said it was because the game was not very kind to new players so he wanted me to have an edge, his other veteran players were okay with this. They're real response was as long as I made something cool/unique/interesting they could care less if I had some lee-way. So I decided to roll up an Ogryn named Oogie (Oogie was a LOT easier to say then Ogryn) who was a very friendly, strong as all fuck bruiser type who had an obsession about space marines and their power armor ("one day Oogie gonna be a reen!")

He was effectively Ed of Ed Edd & Eddy

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this is how I barbarian

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frame the fool... many lulz were had that day

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