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I am afraid I do not.
Perhaps I should open a deviantart account or something where I could post my stuff. Right now, I only post my drawings here.

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I actually had planned to, but my experiences with running spider quest have made me rather reluctant. Running quests takes some effort, and running one in a setting as complex as the Mundus Carnis of whatever you like to call it, would be overwhelming for me at least.

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I feel you bro.
I have been thinking of making a new thread about it for a while now, and I have few ideas for a quest. It is just that I have never made a guest before, so I am not very sure if I should start with this setting, as I fear that I wouldn't do it justice.

A new thread would be a good idea however. I have been thinking about this setting and I have so many ideas I wish to discuss. And a new opportunity to draw stuff would be splendid indeed.

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