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Aye, have people be suspicious of holy orders on the road. Either those knights are assholes who will rape you or kill you for fun, or they are a heretical order already excommunicated.

Or maybe they are fine.

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rolled 4 = 4

To the Spitoooooon

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All wrong. We already killed all the dragons long ago. Townspeople are in fact members of an evil cult who must be destroyed.

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You wake, suddenly aware you are once more fully alive in your own body. Dawn is breaking. You are once more in your room, you in funeral finery, laid out on stone. Cohen is in your chair, asleep. Beside you are your weapons, armour, and surprisingly your alchemical pouches and a poorly carved cog. Stark lies at the door, sleeping. As you sit up, you realise that you are weak, as if recovering from a great illness. However you feel no fever or malady. You stand, and Stark is suddenly awake. He barks happily as you move to pet him, leaping up onto you and almost knocking you over.

This in turn wakes Cohen, who sleepily mumbles “Lord, couldn’t you find a more convenient hour to miracle at?”
“Shouldn’t you be more surprised to see me Cohen? I did fall to my death.”
“Coming back from the death is easy. I’ve done it myself you know. Not that you can mention this to the others. Its poor luck to talk about the challenges to someone who hasn’t partaken and what is more, they likely won’t believe you. Everyone knows people don’t come back from the dead. Morr keeps his own.”

After getting Cohen to tell everyone of your miraculous recovery, you walked out amongst your advisers. Baldric queries: “Lord, Aren’t you supposed to be dead? They said to lay your weapons and gear beside you, so I carved you a gear.”
“Reports of my death have been exaggerated.” You reply before Aegon quips
“We could all see that Thom, you’re far too eloquent to be a zombie, and well too tanned to be a vampire.”

News of your recovery spreads though the village like wildfire, and that eve there is an impromptu feast for your recovery. Marcus notes that it was largely salvaged from the funeral feast, and to ignore all the cold meat in the buffet.

You find that a month has gone by since your departure, so once more it is time to make some bureaucratic decisions, once the hangover has subsided.

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mai waifu

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aaand the second one

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