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>Nyarlathotep tries to cash in the Shining Trapezohedron

This might have potential...

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What would be a good Call of Cthulhu (or Cthulhutech) representative?

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hey /tg/, I'm in a quandary an I was hoping you could help. I have a group lined up to run the Masks of Nyarlathotep (2nd edition). I know that there is an expanded version with Australia in it, and it seems that the main campaign isn't as padded out as I'd like. Do you know of any decent scenarios that I can crowbar in or should I just run the book as-is, without the Australia chapter?

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Nothing can prepare one's soul for the globe-spanning horror inherent in MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP.

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Hey /tg/, i've been running the Masks of Nyarlathotep Call of Cthulhu campaign for my group, and one of the players has got a broken leg in New York. How much would this cost the PC to have sorted out? If you don't know 1920's costs could you tell me the modern costs and i'll adjust for inflation. (assume it is a clean break, and would take about 10 weeks to heal)

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>Soviet Beyonders
>Offense: None
>Defense: Old One, 7 Dagon
>Alliances: None
>Buildings: Beyond Dimension, Hybrid Town
>Wealth: 3750-2500
>Reinforcement: 5 Fast Attack
>Construction: Mi-Go Labs (Heals injured units)
>Under Construction: Hybrid Town (2 Turns)
>Military Action: Send Dagons to patrol the east coast & northern Japan

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running Masks of Nyarlathotep with 2 PCs, how long o you think they'll live?

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Here you go.

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*cute voice* "Hello. I see you. In the darkness, with sight which is not sight. Light is to me dark, and dark is as light. The three lobed burning knows you are still there."

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Darkness, Storm, and Madness

Wow. So I have a god obsessed with the roiling darkness within the minds and hearts on mankind and is overconfident in his own abilities. He is hated by all other unaligned gods but is encouraging to mortals while being prone to anger and is Mocking and cruel. He is gaseous with horns. He's nihilistic and comes from an unknown origin. His believers are few and secret.

Guys... I think I know who this is. Who this perfectly describes.

The Black Pharaoh himself...


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Nyarlathotep needs more love. He's the only eldritch god with a personality to speak of, and is the ultimate trollface in the Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath.

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Awesome! Where is that from? BTW, does anyone know if there is a Monster Hunter TTRPG?

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I'll bet there are lot of things you have no idea about human. Would you like me to show you?

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So what do cosmic horrors like Nyarly do exactly when they're chillan at home?

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I have this inspired idea to make bullets just not work on him. Maybe by having them bend around him, or just pass right through him. The idea of making him on another phased plane of existence, cotermiinous with our, works for me. He's vibrating in another level, and our physical matter does nothing but pass through him.

GURPS wise, this means a tossup between making him genuinely intangible(meaning only directed energy like fire or electricity will affect him) or making him injury tolerance[diffuse] which just means his matter is homogenous, particulate and entirely interchangeable.

If you were subjected to supersciene energies, drugs and amplification devices to modify your control and accuracy with natural teleportation, how would your material form react?

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Not sure if this is even the best idea but in the last thread the idea was raised that each deity have a specific subset of rejection types that they grant bonuses in to their kin. The list still needs work, but the best list that was devised seemed to be as follows:
Associations list (V 0.1.3):
----------Communion, Dreamscape, Corruption
----------Communion, Superposition, Hypergeometry
----------Polymorphism, Corruption, Violation
----------Mindscape, Violation, Dreamscape
----------Mindscape, Hypergeometry, Polymorphism

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Something I noticed:

Cthulhu's servants now are very subtle in their actions, slowly spreading corruption, working behind the scenes, and communicating in secrecy.

Those kin to Yog Sothoth are always in the know, seeing things as the are and as they will be and through hypergeometry have the power to use their knowledge to great and devastating effect.

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath are pure physical madness, both in their own forms and their very presence, twisting the world around them into perverse, corrupt and barely understandable violence.

Hastur and his players' touch is madness incarnate bending reality and warping the minds of the weak willed into terror. Even in sleep, when your guard is down, he will find you.

Nyarlathotep's black courtiers' wake is full chaos, in the realms of the mind of those around him, in their own twisting hidden forms, and in the way they abuse the secret laws of the world through black magics of hypergeometry.

All in all, I think the flavors fit fairly well in their current incarnation.

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In this thread there are a bunch of faggots who can't distinguish the difference between conceptual similarities and visual similarities.

Nothing to worry about of course. I'll just give them special traineeships with the Mi-Go.

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>implying we ever stop watching

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>He's kind of a dick, in case you hadn't noticed.

Shut up you freak, don't you have a theater play to attend or something ?

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It's just in this box bro. Open it, I can't open it for you.

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Nyarlathotep's schemes and plans necessitate the use of innumerable actors and puppets; His servants are almost as numerous as his Masks. Foremost among his agents on Earth are Outsiders born into or fallen into his service. Human sorcerors, hungry for power, trade away their humanity for just a hint of Nyarlathotep's knowledge and wisdom. A child born at exactly the right time in exactly the right place grew up oddly, with eyes that speak of experience far beyond his years. An eccentric, though genius, mathematician unlocks a medieval riddle which reveals a formula; a formula which, when solved opens his mind to secrets greater than he could ever have possibly comprehended. These Outsiders are generally great leaders and politicians, best placed to carry out their manipulations.

The Favoured Ones' greatest strength is in their often close connection they have with their Father. They have the ability to call upon Him to ask for his wisdom and advice. Where the Outsiders of other Gods have to rely on the vague interpretations of cultists of prophecy and dreams, the Favoured Ones will often recieve direct orders. Because of this connection, Outsiders of Nyarlathotep are less likely to turn against their master and Father. The fact that He is more likely to punish failure than the other, uncaring Gods. Nyarlathotep also grants his chldren powers to lie and persuade others, even outside of their cults.

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