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Conscripts don't have power weapons neither the str of a 'naught. You can't compare Conscripts to Blood Talon-wielding Dreadnoughts

Pic related its the Blud Anghelz...

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So.... If I have a drop pod with a capacity of 10 models, could I put two squads of five troops in there? Not a combat squadded unit but for example a 5 man Veteran unit and a 5 man Tac Squad? Or is it limited to 1 unit + and IC's that have been added to that unit.

Also; do I have to disclose who is travelling in what transport before they disembark?

I can see why you might have to (oh you just shot my Rhino and it exploded leaving my squad stranded in the middle of the map? Erm... Sure that was carrying my 5 man tac squad not my 9 man tac squad + Commander). On the other hand though, I can understand that transport vehicles aren't transparent so it's reasonable to say that you wouldn't know who was in which transport. Tactically you could then do something like send an empty Rhino as a diversion etc.

I'm assuming that if you don't disclose who is in which transport then you have to write it down beforehand (not just in terms of your army list but also in terms of which transport deployed where and what it contained).

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blood angels.......fuck yeah......

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Be incredibly awesome? Is that what you said?

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<<my thoughts on blood angles

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