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They're better than fat, bald babyfaced shit that GW keeps pushing for their chaos marines. Do you seriously think that the head in this pick doesn't detract from the overall look? It looks lame as fuck.

>inb4 it isn't made by GW

There's a way worse one in the 4th ed Codex, but I couldn't find it on google.

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I literally couldn't ask for a more perfect profile. It will be a shame when they are 60ish points a model but hey, I kill with Khorne Marked terminators and they are expensive as hell.

Cant wait for these. Blood for the Blood God and all that Jazz.

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>relying on psychic trickery
>using warp-fire rather than good old fashioned promethium

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>"Good" and Torture Device in the same sentence

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>chaos here, please GW give us two books plleeeaaase
back in 3rd edition, both Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines had absolutely shitty books

Chaos got updated with a fantastic codex in three years, within the same edition

Space Marines had to wait six years just to catch up, when 4th edition rolled around

It's been 5 (ish) years since the "mediocre" (rather than outright terrible) 4th edition chaos book was released. We can stand to wait another one or two more.

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more like
>trying to dull the fear of death by maintaining the status quo

Anyways, I'll take khorne. Even if I screw it up and die like a bitch, I'll contribute my own skull to the cause.

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Using a dread with the current codex is usually a bad choice, but I'm going to offer my two cents on how to streamline or improve what you already have, without suggesting any cheap tricks like lash princes and the like.

Firstly, back to the dread I usually find they're much better in this codex with two CC weapons, especially since your army seems to be assault orientated. This would pretty much negate any fire frenzies because its only shooting weapon would be a combi bolter or a heavy flamer, both of which aren't too much of a problem for Chaos Marines. The heavy flamer might take out a few of your marines if you're unlucky, but this is vastly outweighed by its usefullness. Against Tau, it would be effective. The idea here is that you run the dread in the shooting phase in order to flame and charge when in range.

I would offer similar advice for the Defiler, I've found Havoc Launchers to be largely ineffective for their points cost, although they do give you another weapon to shoot should your battle cannon be destroyed. Giving it double CC weapons and having it move and fire before charging has worked well for me in the past, and it keeps the points low.

What kind of weaponry are your Chaos Marine suqards fielding? Since there's very little ranged antitank in your army, I would suggest putting meltaguns into these squads. Better yet, turn those five marines you now have freed up from dreadnaught sitting into 5 melta chosen, who can infiltrate and almost always take out a vehicle on the first turn, and consequent turns if you place them well. That borders on to being pretty cheesy but if you don't mind that/need the extra punch, I would definitely recommend them. Against Tau, no CC upgrades are needed for your basic squads.

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BROTHERS! I smell much treachery in this thread! We must PURGE these worshipers of weak chaos. Khorne demands homage, and always remember: your blood too shall serve!

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>Eldar players even existing

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1) World Eaters!
2) Terminator Armor, Combi-Plasma, Daemon Sword
3) Blood for the Blood God! Teleport deployment followed by a charge towards the enemy commander. Khorne expects his followers to take the greatest risks in return for the greatest glory!
4) I lead the chosen terminator retinue of my Lord.
5) I have been his brother since the Great Crusade. I am the second best fighter after him. My honor is impeccable.
6) I am bloodsworn not to betray him. If I break my oath, Khorne himself will destroy me. I would not want to if I could. The time he spends leading is time I'd rather spend killing.
7) Blood is the truth of the universe. I walk the eightfold path. There is nothing else.

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World Eaters

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I've recently been converted over to the virtues of Khorne in my 40K games. I've had a CSM army of some description or size ready to battle with since the 3E codex came out, but I've always favoured defensive legions such as Death Guard and Iron Warriors.

I've had my first game with my new World Eaters army now, and I won (which I hadn't been doing with my Iron Warriors army, although that hadn't really shifted in structure since 4th edition). However this was in a 2 on 2 match, Orks and World Eaters versus Space Marines and Mech Guard. I don't think I'd hold up that well on my own without an ally, so are there any tactics more CC minded marine players can impart or recommend? Here's what I have so far in the new army -

1 Daemon Prince, wings

1 Terminator Lord with Powerfist and Combi Melta, A retinue of 4/5 with the same gear

1 Terminator Lord with double Lightning Claws, a retinue of 4/5 with the same gear

2 squads of Bezerkers, 10 strong each, each with Skull Champion - one has a Power Fist and one has a Power Weapon

3 Rhinos

1 Defiler

1 Landraider

5 Chosen, all with Flamers

5 Chosen, all with Melta Guns (U mad, melta vets?)

Some 40-50 odd undivided Iron Warriors I could convert including Havocs, a Vindicator and another Daemon Prince and Defiler.

This isn't really in a army list format, any ideas on where I could go from here though?

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Dumping some stuff.

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>are Possessed that awful?

The good old internet echo chamber strikes again. Look OP, if you're thinking up names for your dudes, you'll want to run the Possessed squad. They have pros and cons, but it's 140 points for an elites choice (5) and are actually very, very good....if you roll appropriately. For instance, Rolling a one for scouts with a Dawn of War mission is kind of useless. However, most of the other results are good. So you get Berzerker stat lines, and the potential to have power weapons, furious charge, fleet, rending, or feel no pain. For 3 more points than a Berzerker.

Why do people take Berzerkers in tournament lists? Reliability of course, since when you are min-maxing, you can't afford random abilities units! Sigh.

Also, have a Khorninator.

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Hey! Those guys look familiar. I don't remember if I posted them here or on my blog.

I might paint some more. Here, have a Khorninator.

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No 40K threads on the front page?
Well, how refreshing.

Anyways, question /tg/: How many people at your local LGS boast fully painted armies? Doesn't really matter which game system, but I would assume Warmahordes dudes probably have a higher paint ratio.

Reason I ask: Friend and I have started going to a pretty good LGS for Warhammer Wednesday, and they get a good turn out, 20-25 people usually. We took a stroll around the other day, and realized that we were the ONLY people playing with painted armies. There were plenty of great UNITS, but most of the guys there were throwing down a lot of gray plastic.

Oh, one more thing. How many of you build up 2000 or so points of an army and then move on to another one? Used to do this, but sticking with my current army for several years now, and almost have 4K points painted (only 6 more troops!)

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jack of all trades, master of none

Solo-god armies roll better. (using the correct numbers in your army helps too)

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yeah, I can't disagree with that analogy. It's also the reason why the Elysians get massacred every book they show up in, despite being "elite, well trained troops"

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>elite armies
>not mentioning aspect warriors

not sure if troll..

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