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Howling Banshees - £32.50 for five models
Intercessors - £35 for ten models

Did someone at GW lose their wife to a Craftworld player or something?

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>my basic bitch screening units are 6ppm
>'19 CA hits
>they're now 5ppm
>9e hits
>they're now 7ppm

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do NOT sleep tight, pupper

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>finally start playing D&D with a group of longtime friends
>one of the guys has a great imagination, takes a serious lead with the RP, and shows amazing insight and perception irl when it comes to asking the right questions
>watch him get mocked by the players who are only there to roll combat dice
He started getting quiet and wasn't really RPing by the end of our first session. The guy is a quality tabletop player and I'm worried this group of 3 retards is going to scare him off. This is the kind of player you want to keep around. How do you go about handling this kind of situation.

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That's going too far, you monster

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They can't keep getting away with it!

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>Vespenate of Destructive Revolution
Wasted fucking name.

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God dammit anon.

To bring it back to the actual thread question: I'm fine with reoccuring villains as long as they actually are things that matter to the PC's, and that they make sense. Someone that they continually brush up against or have friction with lends itself to the narrative; but if they don't CARE it's pointless - similarly if you start comicing them so that they just keep popping up willy-nilly after they are repeatedly dealt with.

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>cosplay babe loosely based off of creatures of myth and legend that completely ignore everything interesting about said myths in favor of bolting on random bits and bobs to make the girl look 'exotic'

Im tired of this bitter meme, how many settings actually do this?, MSG Quest and MSG Encyclopedia do keep a lot of their original lore to the point that most of the are actually alien and unfuckable besides their appearance

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Y'know, this is exactly why we need our Chosen Ones to be adults before they go on bullshit quests of fate. Every time we get a teenage Chosen One to go out to do shit they cock it up and make an ass of themselves.

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Ring of the Grammarian, my absolute favorite troll item.

My personal favorite spell is Cause Fear because Cause Bear is essentially the same thing but with more fur and teeth.

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>tfw if I was a skeleton I wouldn't have to deal with having a stuffy, runny nose and constant sneezing from my allergies

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I don't think I was being toxic at all. unless you mean I have very low standards (or something).

Then yes your right I'm not great.

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>All letters are in capitalized
>Except the "r"
>And no space between the words
I would slap the shit out of the "r" marine, and then force a blank shield between the r and the m.

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>Tried listening to podcasts of obscure games to see how they play (Eclipse Phase or Delta Green for example)
>First 4 minutes of introduction is drowned out by someone eating snacks with the grace of a lawnmower

Its like ASMR torture

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will the vinhos expansions be reprinted?

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Fucking GW has the gall to question the Omnissiah?!

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Watching QAnon at work is hilarious when you know her outside of the general, because it's basically pic related.

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Kill this meme.

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Fucking Mearls

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what the hell is with people and not being exposed to spicy food; my roommates are useless at eating anything spicier than medium salsa. /ck/ of me, but if some people are just gonna cook fucking hot dogs or pasta or mac n cheese, maybe I should be the one in charge of the kitchen considering I'm clearly the only adult there.

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Actually, they are in a temperate climate where it is moderately warm during the summer and tolerably cold in- OF COURSE IT'S A FROZEN WASTE!

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