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During the various polish Revolutions of the late 1700's and 1800's warscythes were used extensively. Mostly by rebelling serfs supporting a main force of regular soldiers. Take the the battle of Raclawice (Kosciusko Rebellion, April 4th 1794) for example. The scythemen got in close enough that the Russians Firearm advantage was negated and slaughtered them to the man.

"After the battle, Kościuszko paraded in front of his troops in a sukmana, a traditional attire worn in Lesser Poland, in honour of the bravery of the peasants, whose charge ensured the quick capture of the Russian artillery. He also praised Wojciech Bartosz Głowacki, a peasant who was the first to capture the cannon (he is visible in the Matejko's painting, above).[1] He covered its flame with his hat before it fired. In return he received an award of nobility. Both the red cap worn by his soldiers and the homemade war scythes were later featured on the emblem of the 303rd Polish Fighter Squadron which took part in the Battle of Britain."

Also more shameless dickwaving. Squadron 303 was the highest scoring squadron in the Battle of Britain. It also had the highest scoring ace (allied) of the battle of Britain, Josef František, a czech, who served in the Polish squadron rather than the Blue Squadrons (Czech Squads)

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Why not? The helmet (sutton-hoo if I recall well) it's pretty decorated, so it fit in a regal panoply well.

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