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[They are? They don't look deleted on my end. Should I repost?]

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“That’s amazing!” You clap. “How do you do that?”

Alex poses. “Well, you’re a brave one. Most people get upset after that.” She puts a finger on her chin. “But a gym leader needs to have their secrets.”

You pull up Clair from her hiding spot. “Clair is a gym leader.”

Clair smiles, but her eyes say murder. Also she tells you she’s going to murder you in your head. She includes a quick mental drawing that involves lighting you on fire and pushing you off a cliff.

You smile back.

Vance plugs his ears.

“Clair!” Alex yells excitedly. “Oh, I’d very much like to do you.”

“I swear I will-”

Alex flaps her wrists at Clair to silence her. “Well, there’s no word for diddling yourself so much it becomes an orientation.” Alex laughs. “Oh come on Clair. Don’t pout. I’m just giving you a hard time.” Alex pushes way his giggling with his hands and focuses on her intentionally. “Well, that’s a rare one. Pansexual, through and through.”

“I’m challenging this gym after you and Robin,” Clair mutters to you. “Crush him.”

Everyone takes their seat. The referee explains the rules. It’s pretty standard stuff. Three Pokemon each, only you can swap, one Pokemon at a time. The gym leader doesn’t know what items are in the boxes in advance or when they’ll drop.

Alex points to you. “Any questions?”

>Yes (write-in)
>Throw out a Pokemon first. Show off for the camera
>Wait for Alex to throw a Pokemon, then decide
>Throw at the same time.
>Something else

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Sorry, I've been extremely busy. We should be up and running this week.

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