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Sup, /tg/.

I've been invited to a game of Warhammer Fantasy. Fresh start, all new characters, etc.

Problem is, I have literally no idea what the game is or how it is played. You guys want to give me the gist and yell at each other about how broken this system inevitably is? Perhaps give suggestions as to what I should play and how I should play?

In the last tabletop I played (3.5 i know) I roleplayed a chaotic good trip fighter. He was a farm peasent turned adventurer who got his first level of fighter by joining the local city guard because he went broke trying to be a noob adventurer.

Also: Can I play a robot? I like playing robots.

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Ork all the way here.
Thank you /fit/ for allowing me to waaagh with confidence

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Savior - Rise against

Some form of righteous indignation coupled with true strike?

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/tg/, you are going to a local WH40K tournament, and you have to field an ork list and not suck total ass.
The rules are:
Max 1650 points.
No house rules (follow regular WH40K 6th ed rules to the letter, latest FAQ applies).

Missions played are (standard wh40k missions):
Big guns never tire
The relic
The emperors will

What would your list be like?

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Ca/tg/irls and fa/tg/uys:
500 points
5 players
Map arranged in circle. In turn order:
Raven guard spess muhreens
ORKS (myself)
Emperor's children Chaos Spess muhreens.

Feilding 2 squads of 25 boys each, with 1 rokkit launcha per squad, and ol' zogwort attached to one (first time trying him out).

Got out some lego from the attic as terrain, lego city with some rubble on top works really well.

Everyone gets one objective to place anywhere outside their deployment, we all put it just outside bar the chaos marines, he puts it right between the eldar and I. And laughs. And laughs.

Turn 1: Everyone gets into place.
Turn 2: Zogwort gets 'ere we go. Go for the centre objective but scatter right into the raven guard. Procede Dakka. Not a single unsaved wound. Can't charge now. Fuck.
Eldar take border objective.

Fast forward three turns: Ol' zogwort's on one wound and his squad is gone, my left flank has been ripped to shreds by eldar and the chaos no longer exist, as the nids went all-out on them.

FIve space marines and a rhino died taking my orks down.

Nids won though, they just trapped chaos in their deployment while they captured the mid and their objective.
It was my first game with orks and the nid player's first game period.
Still fun as hell though.

So, any ridiculously stupid games latley?

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Come on, I can't be the only ork player on.

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Had an idea for an Ork Warboss and wanted to run it by you elegan/tg/entlemen and see what you thought. Barring anyone caring, Ork general I suppose.
The origin of ZitSnok Tiny’Ead is a morbid and bizarre tale. One evening, during some especially thick infighting, a Nob by the name of Snok-Lobba wandered into the Dok’s tent holding his own badly battered head, and pleaded with the Dok to reattach it to his shoulders. The Dok, feeling a bit lazy, begrudgingly accepted the patient into his care. He laid the over-sized Nob down on the operating table and began the procedure. However, the second he lifted the head to begin reattachment it fell apart in his hands. The Dok was in a spot now. He had taken an oath to, once a patient was accepted, never give up until all options had been exhausted or he got bored with them, and he was still intrigued by this case. With fire in his heart and whirly-gigs in his brain he called his grot orderly Zitz over to his side. Believing he was to deliver tools as always, Zitz climbed from his seat and dragged the tray of pointy-stabbies over to his master’s side. Upon arrival though he was snapped up by the Dok and before he could utter any noises or questions his head was separated from his shoulders by the swipe of a large jagged knife. With no time to spare the Dok set about his gruesome work. When he was finished, the new, strange hybrid of nob and grot rose from the table a forever-changed ork. Zitz the gretchin and Snok-lobba the nob were no more. Zitsnok was born. With the “cunning" of a gretchin and the sheer power and ambition of a nob, Zitsnok was nigh unstoppable on his rise to the top. Before any ork could really grasp what had happened, Zitsnok Tiny’Ead (as he came to be known) was Warboss of the ZogWaagh clan. With a fierce desire to prove to the other clans that a Boss didn’t need a big head to rule over their brethren, only a big brain and some big guns, Zitsnok began his campaign of destruction.

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>Thinking more than a tiny fraction of potential players LIKE playing the walking green cockney racist jokes
Wot da zog.

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They might be planning something big.

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I iz da only boss round deez partz

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Rolled 1

Dats because phic relayted

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>being green

Naff off, pointy earz, you ain't 'alf as green as one of da boyz!

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What if Orks lived now in the year 2013? What would they be getting up to?

>De Jus be messin abht i rekon

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Since everyone else is making suggestions. Go with Orkz. Models are fun to make and paint. Lots of possibilities for conversions. they're also fairly easy to paint. Fun to play and the amusing fluff. You might not always win, but there's going to be a lot of death and dismemberment. They're a good starting army too, just make sure you have at least 40 d6, The best thing to do if you want to play them effectively is to never have slugga boyz in a squad less than 20, and always have a nob with a power claw. shoota boyz either put in a big squad or a squad of twelve in a trukk. never give sluggas rokkits or big shootas. and always have your truck and shoota boyz with big shootas.

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Has anyone ever adapted Rogue Trader for da Orkz?

It's something I've wanted to do for a while now, but no point if it's already been done.

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One last push boyz... I'm sitting with my finger on the "buy" button but I just can't do it

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>convince me to play Orks and not Spice Mehronies

I love the idea of Orks, but I also want an army that can hold its own on the battlefield. Sadly though, nothing I've ever seen in their codex indicates to me that they have enough dakka, that they're choppy enough, or that they're even all that tough.

However, I haven't read any codex since like 3rd edition. Have they gotten better since then?

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What's up /tg/?

I find myself in need of propa orky DJ names

Ork music thread for additional content

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