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If they are useful and compliant, or can be made so with reasonable effort, they get to live.

Sure they might not be human but if they look close enough to it that the average Tommy can't tell then nobody gives a fuck.

Also if we are going off of OP pic then they already look at least as close, if not closer, to a human norm than many ogrym. Eyebrows would be raised at their presence but not more so than any other abhuman type.

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That sounds like Chaos to me.

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I knew from that day, Commisar Dan made his peace with the Emperor

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Rolled 18, 53 = 71

Forgot pic

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Rolled 35, 40 = 75

>Name:Grom the Navigator
>Race: Mutant Human
>Fluff: A mutant who decided that he would charter the space between the stars. He large and bulky, but has an innate cunning that he uses in negotiation.
>Ship Name: The Colombian
>Ship Class: Frigate
>Affiliation: None, though we will gladly sell our services to whoever asks.
>Money: 100 Creds
>Cargo: None
>Equipment: None

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How do you feel about potato peels?

All I know is that I now cry more when peeling potatoes than onions.

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It makes me sad that these guys who rival the height of a space marine and are given guns with a bore the size of your fist are so useless.

Nobody wants to take home one of those loveable huggable Ogryns.

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They managed to recover the preserved corpse of Gav from the Inquisition. Many in the Inquisition were quite unhappy about this. Its preserved in a stasis field. It is said that he will arise from death in humanities greatest hour of need. No one is sure who said that first but it is widely believed amongst the Disciples.


They tend to be modified versions of thing from the Imperial Guard. Open topped things are favored. They sacrifice armour but make up for it in speed. Also Ogyrn don't like being stuck in small enclosed metal boxes.

They have aircraft. Clunky, fast and loud. The ogyrn drop out of them wearing grav-chutes. They can survive hitting the ground at a much higher speed than lesser men and for this reason they can pull the cord later and decrease their risk of being successfully targeted.

They have crude drop pods. Fired down at a much higher speed than even regular astartes drop pods. They fill the capsule with shock absorbing gel and fill their lungs with hyper-oxygenated fluids before launch. This makes the body closer to the same density as the gel and better suited to surviving sudden deceleration and also removes the need to breathe for about an hour into the mission. The doors automatically open by careful micro-detonations along the door frame. The Ogyrn tend to be quite a bit blase about things like basic safety and so skew the speed/safety ratio settings on their pods massively in favor of the former. Broken ribs and huge bruising are common enough because of this and more extensive and exotic injuries are not unheard of although fatality has not yet happened.

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Wut Kaos? Kan yer eat it?

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I kind of want OP to do Gav and Bob. But I'm not sure I want to cry today.

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I 'ad kille'd dat big blo' birdy 'fing. Wut I gonna do wif da dead bodi?

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s te eldr girs
gruf tink tey be pretty
tey ennmis vif epra?
gruf smack den

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Gruf not ndersnd wat is plus rif?

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C'n I be a M'reen?

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I wouldnt say ALL of them select for humanity's psychic potential

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"Ah, dats all very good, sir, but shouldn't we beat da crap out of um now, sir?"

"Shut up Harper."

"Yes sir."

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Gav and Bob
That is all.

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ok /tg/ my shop is doing a strange 40k tournament where its elite choices only "up to 7" and 1 HQ
its 1500 points and its proxy friendly "they just want to see how it goes"
im playing IG and im not sure how to go about it
i was thinking a squad of 9 ogryns with Yarrrick
then 5 squads of 10 storm troopers with 2 meltas each
elites can capture objectives
the tables will be 4x3

this seems like it will be really awesome for a free tourney with a mystery prize any suggestions?

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Fer Bob

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