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Want to bone a god AND a goddess at the same time? How about a guy who's both?

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Why does it even matter? If it gives you a boner, fap to it. Who gives a fuck about classifications?

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I think more like "Melting into one thing that is inhumanly Beautiful"

Slannesh style

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((to clarify, Dartanion didn't die - he was 1 crit off of exploding, and because I gave him catfall (though I don't know if it would apply here) he didn't die from the fall. He was effectively done.))

They descend down into the depths of the foundry, where the mixed metals awaited shipment off-planet. As the elevator reached the bottom floor, they realised it was unnaturally dark. Even Zane, with his mutant nighteyes, could only see about half as well as he should.

Dartanion continued to talk to them over the elevator's speaker as they landed. After using a few groan-worthy arm puns, they fanned out, discovering several people in drug-induced comas.

Not leaving anything to chance, they tie them up, and advance a little bit forward. The session ends with Dartanion, sounding perfectly healthy, laughing in a strangely higher pitch.

--End of Session 4--

/Someone/ got me a roll20 subscription for GM's Day, so this was the first session where I tried using Dynamic lighting. Verdict: It's pretty cool - the players were scared of the darkness, and took a while to move forward. However, we had some issues with who could see what. Overall, a good session, and a half-decent save if I do say so myself.

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My character was involved in a slaaneshi orgy. My characters vagina is now a portal to the warp.
Wat Do?

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So /tg/
I am a new WH40K player, slowly raising up my chaos forces. I did what seemed like the best thing to do, I got Dark Vengeance and will be using that for my entire chaos force for the time being, plus 1 squad of noise marines and doomrider, I'm also converting 3rd party models into a forgefiend and vindicator

So here's what I have basically
2 squads of 10 noise marines with some left overs
1 squad of 20 heretics
5 termies/ 2 squads of obliterators
3 bikes /4 adding doomrider
1 Helbrute
1 Forgefiend
1 Vindicator

So now I'm thinking of what I should get next. Off the top of my head a heldrake would be nice because my buddy, the one I'm starting with now has 2 stormraven gunships, so I'm thinking a flyer or something that can deal with flyers. What's your opinion
I'm going for a Emperor's Children army, but I am switching marks on units, that's ok right?

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Lust and Pride. Fast learning, Instant mastery, and Xray vision + Porn of EVERYONE EVER? Pretty good.

The downsides of Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, and Greed sound horrid. I'd hate anyone I got close to (unless they lived under a rock), I'd be forever peckish (not being satisfied after a large meal would be horrible), I'd be incapable of basic tasks, and/or I'd be constantly robbed. Fuck all of those things. I can live with being seen as an elitist and as a perv to certain people.
And, as much as I enjoy Wrath, I'd probably kill the people who saw the victim as a hero and the cycle would be unending.

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Problem Commissar?

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>Implying sexual deviancy is a bad thing.
I'm appalled.

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oh, and it's going to be more often than not Fantasy because I'm not big on 40k

hope that's acceptable

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I've been thinking of getting a mark of Slaanesh on my shoulder for years.

I want an intricate design though, so I'll probably do it myself.

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Tzeentch had an MMORPG centered around him.
Nurgle Co-stared with Khorne in Mark of Chaos and had a great showing in Chaos Rising
Khorne is always has a strong presence in games. I don't need to give examples.

Did I miss something? Ah...yes Slaanesh. He/she/it gets no love in Vidya games. So here is a challenge for you, /tg/, think of an idea, theme, plot of a game centered around Slaanesh.

Sadistic Perfectionist Mode Activated : The Game must have a Teen Rating.

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Hey, /tg, gotta ask

Is there more to Slaanesh than just sex and drugs?

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In all seriousness I don't really do the sex or relationships in stories. Seems a bit crude.

But the courting leading to it, that's entertaining.

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Because when there is no higher order in the universe, when there is no happy ending waiting for you after you knock on death's door-

why not do what you love?

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Now, you remember that planet we liberated last week from the Imperium? Like, Goltrex Prime or something, right?
What if... what if, for the sake of showing Slaanesh like, the biggest feels ever, we... bear with me here, we go back and... hold on... go back and... re-enslave them to the corpse god?
It'd be the WORST DAY EVER! Slaaneshi as fuck, amirite?
They'd be all like, "man, sure is great being an awesomely cool heretic and chaos worshiper. I've never felt better!"
And then they'd be all like, "Wow! This worshiping the emperor thing is really lame and shit, I'm so miserable!"
It'd be feel-tastic!
Now come on, lets go do the Emperor's work, FOR CHAOS!

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main comp is packed up so I won't be on steam for a while. my Email is [email protected]

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Go chaos! Go heresy! Go dickgirls!

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Yes... "destroy"...

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using the IG book and just modeling them like traitors, simpler and they are just an imperial house's guards fallen to chaos with their lords and ladies of the house.

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lol, looks like shit.

If you're going to mutilate yourself at least get an awesome version of his/her mark.

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Could you do a daemonette? may-haps something with four arms, or perhaps holding a perfum bottle that says "soporific musk" on it and looking intoxicated by the smell.

Thank you for your consideration.

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this is the true sound of depravity, the true sound of unending excess. This is Slaanesh.

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