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I wouldn't worry too much about getting more pictures of the MC. Use Brother Sharp as an establishing picture sometime early in the thread, then you can just keep using various other pieces of setting imagery or something relevant to whatever's happening in each new post.

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In that case /tg/ dice may simply be haunted and we must live with the circumstances.

I should probably explain my approach on that last one. Either way the fight was going in Lindsay's favor because they were goons and she's a protagonist-tier martial artist, and Streets of Fighting taught me that bogging your protagonists down fighting too many people that don't pose a threat just kills flow. On the other hand if the way she won fucked up her situation (giving her position away instead of letting her grab evidence at leisure and join the Kommando's investigation) that would be a more interesting way to bring in the failure. That won't be how every fight works, of course, but in circumstances like these I may try doing this more often.

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>be economics major
>at best I can be a quest-giver

Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the economy, PCs?

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A few ideas flash through your head. First, katanas are sharp. You're not stabproof, you're fairly certain your friends aren't either. Maybe if you start by psychologically unbalancing them....?

"MACROSS WAS BETTER THAN GUNDAM!" you shout at the horde. The momentum of the charge is broken instantly as they lower their weapons and begin arguing.

The three of you are on them before they finish explaining the intricacies of giant robots to you. You kick the nearest katana-wielder (the one wearing a kimono open like a trenchcoat over a Lum t-shirt) in the stomach and follow it with an elbow to the skull while he's bent over. The two next to him - unarmed - go down just as fast.

By the time you're finished with the enemies near you Tatsuya and Saul had carved through their share of the horde. That only left the little kid.

"Okay, I know this looks bad," she says, holding her hands in front of her. "Just give me a second to explain."

"So do we call her parents or what?" Tatsuya asks.

>What are we doing about this kid?

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Who else would turn up in this army of brawlers? The Bad Dudes, obviously. And maybe it would turn out that River City is a suburb of this terrifying city.

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You are Spike, once upon a time the baddest dude of the bad dudes.

That was then. This is twenty-five years later.

Losing your hair, losing your muscle tone, losing all patience for your job, you haul yourself to Bad Dudes Anonymous, an organization for former thugs and punks the world over. From its humble beginnings in River City to the mayor of Metro City officially promoting it (anything to get Mad Gear to stay off the streets for a few weeks), it's proven to be the best way to fight those cravings to go out there and start punching random passerby in the head.

Exactly how bad a dude were you, anyway? What's the baddest you ever got?

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