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Sure. Dunno what's wrong with that.
I mean, it makes more sense than - more sense than dungeon master.
'Cuz it's actually true, innit?
I tell you another thing - why's there so many elves?
I mean, s'bit much.
Um...you know. You got like.
You got your drow, your high elves, your wood elves.
I mean you don't see 'Welsh' as an option, do you?

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Are there other "anything goes" spell know-hows for other classes or is it just clerics?

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I see.
So I should say...

"Cryptic Hound enters the battlefield with two times X +1/+1 counters on it."

"at the end of your turn, if Cryptic Hound has not dealt damage this turn, Cryptic Hound loses two +1/+1 counters."

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>mfw trying to build a tanith army when they only have a handful of miniatures

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>my le face when game will be bad
>my le face when wont be able to be based slaanesh psychonaut noise marine

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Can't we just talk about Unknown Armies.

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I just wanted to make a crappy joke.

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