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I am looking at getting into 40k with dark angels.

The group at my local store plays 1250 most of the time.

Is there a way I can get to that with using Starter box marines as my core? I don't mind buying some of the transport tanks or drop pods now if i need to as I know I will want some later on down the line.

Oh and some of the people have offered up some arms with claws for the big guys if I want them.

I have a feeling it will not be a very good list, but i am not expecting to win much starting out anyways. Just want a Dark Angels army on the cheep to learn the rules and then expand it further on down the road when money is not as tight.

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Ladies, ladies, you're both pretty. Fucking fags.

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>Transformer-type action figure

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Ok, I am back! Let's begin.
In general Shadow Guard are one of those few people who know about the existence of Void Squad(was that the name we agreed on? If not, roll d100 and suggest your name, lowest roll wins, I retain the right to pick whatever suits game atmosphere more), so it would make sense for them to train new marines if you wish to keep the secret safe.

What exactly interests you? Their interpersonal behaviour, combat tactics, intelligence tests or something else?

Klementhos is a great inventor and an Apothecary whom many Chapters could envy(seriously, he's probably the best officer you have atm, rivaled only by Geron and Brethorius). He is not a very good teacher however, as his field is more related to theoretical studies.

What do you do next?

Also, let me remind you that you were planning an assault on Tartarus.

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Hah. No. I was hugely into MTG for years and always had an interest in 40k. I have a ton of Omnibus books even. I always hestiated with the investment until I started to look at what I spent on magic. It was a proud moment to upgrade from paper to plastic.

I originally wanted to get into the IG, Greyknights, or Legion of the Damned but... well, codex recons and such.

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>Chapter Relics
>Only one of each Relic may be taken per army.
>A model can replace one weapon with one of the following.

Does this mean that a Company Master can replace both of his weapons with a relic or only one of them?

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I told you yesterday, greenskin.

No beings in the universe can defeat the Imperium of Man!

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come get some

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Truth. Low (I mean..."low") five, homorobebro!

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sorry, thast armor 33

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He was the understudy of Jervis on Ogre Kingdoms, right? Then maybe DA will have a chance to not be assfucked.

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All those threads were no doubt tainted and due the Emperor's mercy.
/co/ itself is a warp-touched quagmire of heretics and other scum worthy of nothing more than the judgement of the righteous.

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This guy's got it right. As a Salamanders fan, the books really made me enjoy the thought of Chaos Salamanders and their armour is suitably aweeeeesome

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Tell me of the Night lords, Librarian

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I don't think I like what you're suggesting, brother.
Perhaps we should discuss this in private.

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Don't listen to the words of this heretic. Luther was seduced by chaos and has been dealt with accordingly.

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Warhammer - Dark Elves/ Wood Elves
40k - Dark Angels
Warmachine - Cryx
Hordes - Everblight

Females of obvious Celtic descent. A reptillian overlord is fine too.

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In 40k, my friend is trying to say that when you shoot a blast template, and it scatters past max range, its an automatic hit. The book says "note that it is possible, and absolutely find, for a scarrting shot to land beyond the weapon's range and line of sight..."

Is he right?

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