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Nulls nulls everywhere. By some older lore, the emps tried to build great null devices, making everything in the warp halt to a standstill and the only way to travel would be through the webway in the still warp. I imagine the creatures that call themselves the Chaos Gods didn't put a stamp of approval on that plan.

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Mail and Gleipnir.

I use Gleipnir to build a space elevator on the cheap and use mail option to deliver packages of construction material into space without rockets, thus pushing mankind into extremely accelerated space age and I will be remembered as the hero who put humanity among the stars.

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ITT we look for theme songs for specific characters in Warhammer 40k and Fantasy

I'll start with the all loving Emperor of Mankind

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goodevening my excelen/t g/entlemen

anyone know of any good D&D or other RPG games in camp arifjan kuwait?

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How can I possibly be Heretic?
You believe in me, no matter what I represent.
I do not believe in higher power, I am higher power, so I cannot commit heresy and you know that in your heart, mind, and warp-borne soul.

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Ready? Huh
Yeah! Um
Emprah, Emprah protect me
Emprah, Emprah protect me
Emprah, Emprah,
Emprah, Emprah,
Come at me!
(Emprah protects)
Emprah show me the way now that Chaos can't corrupt my soul
(Emprah protects)

Between the deamonettes and the wargear
Chaos trying to lure me
And posses me
(Emprah protects)
My Inquisitor searching my mind
he ain't sure of me
but surely
(Emprah protects)
Then he ask
do you say your litanies at least 100 a day?
I ain't praising the Emprah I know what I've been doing, sir
Do you know how I be heretic?
my litanies sound like Horus on the Vengeful Spirit
and I ain't sure about that "Emperor protects"
this cultist just trying to open my eyes
I'm sacrificing to give us, us all power
now you know how them cultists was
we was all hab-fabulous all at the underhive
from this Slaanesh orgy can you cleanse me?
Can you please redeem my Imperial soul?
Inquisitorial lightning sears through me,
fainting in them Chimeras,
But theres something about -this- litany that get me battle ready,
and when I chant it at my morning prayers I feel eager to show my fury,
and HE gives protection when I fight the 'Nids
He is alive! How can you call him a corpse when we got Baneblades?

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the emperor looks disapprovingly at you

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The galaxy's got a FEVER...and the only prescription is more cowbell!

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The Emperor frowns upon your sloth. Of course, I've never seen those things make their points back sooo....

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