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>thinking battletech makes sense

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>Lore doesn't dictate how things look in game
Why should I care about any of that?

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>but you're not considering the time spent which also has value

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I actually got called a closed-minded bigot for not allowing evil characters in my games, and explaining that they cause more trouble than their worth, and that the sorts of players attracted to them tend to be problem players. I would have felt insulted if the guy accusing me wasn't a whiny faggot and a shitty roleplayer who is only capable of playing himself.

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>He plays standard!

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>using jace's ult to nick their phage.
>Stupid phage.

You can't be serious?

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Then whoever took the picture also looks like...

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>Only AC 30

Wow Sayaka, you suck even as a Witch.

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You're right - it's not two-way. Nobody over at /a/ is whining about space marines in their anime. When shit gets grim and dark and people get murdered viciously by thirty foot tall bunnies, they don't piss and moan about how anime should only be about cute girls doing cute things.

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If your colleagues don't kill you it could be an utter riot.

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you might not believe it, but there is a mech under that pile of guns

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The self-hate in Ribbon and Rage is just a defense mechanism against criticism. When people bash the comic, people can just say "har har it's supposed to be hated." Despite this, the author makes serious attempts at endearing the characters to the audience and making humor.

It is quite literally "i trol u" in its purest form. Someone trying to be serious/seriously funny and falling behind the mask of false trolling in case it doesn't work out.

I don't think it's necessary. Besides the fake self-deprecating, Ribbon and Rage is good enough to stand on its own merit. There's no need to fall behind the defense mechanism.

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MFW when I have seen the OP's copypasta several times already!
Excellent trolling OP!

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I'm oddly aroused by this.

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>bronze league

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>carbon steel

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>>Oriental Adventures

Tell your dipshit GM to run Qin or L5R instead.

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Must have been buttraped.

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Well that sucks. Was the cg worth the price of entry or was it entirely skippable?

Pic is the greatest thing you will never see

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Because it's ROLEplay, not ROLLplay!

Seriously, I don't know. You meet these faggots all the time in the gaming community. Play a half orc bard in 3rd ed because it's 'characterful'.
My character putting yours to the sword is 'characterful' since he's utterly fucking useless. Nobody will miss him anyway, since the gm never bothered reading your 5 page background story lol

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rolled 52 = 52

Oh god I can't stop laughing.


These are like AOL screen names. And that is VERY FUCKING SAD.

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Well, you get the idea.

Anyone played the most recent one yet? I own it, and like the MRQII stuff, like combat maneuvers, but haven't seen it in play.

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>>We had a thread a while ago about 3.5ed. vs. the 40k universe.
>>Fucking hell, those 3.5ed. faggots are thick-skulled!
Implying 40k fags are better

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