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rolled 4, 4 = 8

>Fabricator-General Scriptarius
WS3 BS2 S2 T3 W2 I4 A2 LD8 SV2+/4+
Wargear: Servo Harness, Bionics, Iron Halo, Augumented body
Special rules:Blessing of the Machine God, Indecisive
At the start of today the Fabricator General does not know what he should spend his time on. Roll 2d6 and consult the table below.
>2: Horrible procrastination
Nothing gets done today, the whole day is wasted on pointless shit.
>3-4: Progress marches on
Lion El'Jonson will be finished today
>5-6: Finish what you started
A new thread shall be made, and a Zombie Dragon will be built
>7-8: A long time coming
A new thread shall be made, and Rape Train 2.0: Rot Train will see life.
>9-10: Friendship conquers all
I bump a friend's model request past the entire queue and build it for him today.
>11: New beginnings
I'll put some work into my new game project by writing some of the scenes and looking for artists
>12: Life improvement
I'll actually get ready for that job interview next week instead of messing around

>>{[Omnis Gloria mechanicum]}<<
>>>{[Picture unrelated]}<<<

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Male. That is the honored Fabricator-General of /tg/, also known as Scriptarius.

He even got turned into a /tg/ character along with Dranon, Jubblowski and Lolcron back in the days of yore

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actually you could do a count as sister of battle army with the GK dex. Henchmen come in squads of 3-12 and you fill it with whatever you want. I'm excited because I no longer am limited to 3 of each type. Anyways back to SoB with the GK dex take warriors give them power armor and bolters and you can use sisters as troops. Celestians for the paladins, repentia for the crusader henchmen. etc While there isn't faith points its still doable.

Part of me is disapointed that they didn't add knights on bikes. I really wanted that because of how cool and fitting it ould be to have mounted knights.

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