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>I'm toying with the idea of making Taiga a Jaguar demiservant in Zero. Trying to figure out how that would change the plot.
Everyone in Fuyuki dies or the place gets Counter Guardian'd, because Jaguarman uniting with Taiga downgrades Taiga's EX rank luck to just B

>Taiga has the equivalent of EX rank luck. Through sheer coincidence, she caused a butterfly effect during the Fourth Holy Grail War that saved mankind three times over in the course of a night. Her actions stopped a mastermind causing chaos at the bottom of the sea near Fuyuki, caused an unprecedented giant earthquake that was about to happen under Fuyuki City to be avoided, and caused a giant asteroid heading for Fuyuki City to change its course

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I agree wholeheartedly.
We can't let our house go on thinking we don't care.

And hey, I finally catch one of these!

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[x] DIPLOMANCER! your way out also known as MAXIMUM TROLLING!

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I would take Middle-Schooler Taiga over Ilya any time. Just look at her. Even Iri is gay for her.

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Since we already established that Atlanta kind of sucks as our bodyguard, teach her how to use a mobile phone and then send her instead to go and keep an eye on Caster/Saber/Demons.

Eliza, Archer and the Boy will investigate the island. If something goers wrong, we have Archer. If something goes even more wrong, we will tell the boy to use a command seal to summon Lancer. I do think, though, that we shouldn't miss our chance when it comes to a showdown between Saber & Caster.

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