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Why do people always ship up Eldar threads? Especially Necron trolls, I'm not sure they're actually Necron fans but just use them to troll with the 'oh so superior' thing even though they were an awkward shoehorn into the setting.

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>You elfdar players think YOU have it bad being Xenos?

B-but were JUST being happy about Biel-Tan getting to do cool stuff when you kicked down the door and complained about fanwank. Now you're angry we complain despite having it good?


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>mfw mon-keigh hold the fate of the galaxy in the ballance
Welp we're fucked.

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They're still mediocre even with the awesome new exarch powers.

Maybe if they had a rule that actually enhanced their warriors there would be a reason to take em over the juicy statline of the avatar, but seeing as the avatar has a fearless bubble he is actually a better squad leader. He also hits harder, faster and with 5 wounds and better skill all while being inexplicably the same cost as the cheapest PL.

>Mfw the rumour about Karandras granting shrouded was untrue


Fucking Drazhar. Holding everyone back even though he's pretty clearly only a student of Arha.


A 2+ and the option to pay more for some ablative wounds really does not justify taking them. AP2 and decent strength and they're gone. As for special rules the avatar has a better choice of exarch powers and the only rules he lacks are all things the aspects already have. The only good unique rule is Jain's WS lowering mask. She's honestly the only decent challenger seeing as she gets disarm for cheaper than an avatar.

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>Oh boy an Eldar thread
>It's invariably derailed by newcron faggotry

Every fucking time. Why can't he just make a necron thread?

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>You'll never baffle the enemy with your seemingly ubiquitous presence
>You'll never decapitate s Space Marine sergeant with your powerblades
>You'll never unload your death spinner into the spines of unsuspecting Boyz

If it turns out there are no Scorpions I'll be a saaaaaaaaad elf.

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Oh boy a Macha thread with rage and fapfics.
Macha's reaction at this thread....

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Or spmething like this

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>tfw no one has drawn Macha sucking cum from the source yet, because "muh ever-virgin"
I cite the great prophet and wiseman President Bill Clinton for his wise words on the subject: "Oral don't count"
Anyways it feels horrible. no full length rule 34 video of macha getting shipwrecked...if her butt was a ship. My feels are too much.

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Fuck out cropped.
Feels horrible.

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>traitor chemist
>steal ablative armor and escape
>start by making a bunch of chloral to deal with my partner chemist
>30 units of chloral, bit by bit, but I'm seen
>stuff him down the disposal to die elsewhere, run out, shoving the witness aside
>run into the back room of the library, open my uplink
>emag, chameleon projector
>this is my first time with chameleon projector
>it is the most fun item in existence
>attempt to break into research through toxins maint because I've confused the ablative armor vest with the teleporter armor
>after dashing through several times and vanishing in the maintenance, toxins scientist becomes convinced that I have a hand tele
>realize ablative armor vest is that thing in the armory
>work through maint, turning into a cigarette butt any time I hear a door open
>emag into sec, dash for armory, emag in, grab vest, run back into maint with HoS and two officers on my tail
>dash around a corner and camo
>they keep running right past me
>slip away to arrivals to wait by an escape pod for the inevitable calling of the shuttle

That was a good shift, until...

>get hungry
>haven't been paying attention to radio
>dash to kitchen to get burger
>tackled by slimes
>die to slimes

It's not fair. It's just not fair.

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I...I don't even care.

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Unfortunately, they all left since each nerf every edition since 3rd. In 2nd, and the beginning of 3rd they were up there with Marines, probably the 2nd most popular faction overall.

The fluff is pretty much the same stuff written in Rogue Trader and 2nd edition, with very little extra. I guess it balances out when 90% of the new stuff written for the Imperial forces are worthless garbage anyway though.

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There is no point!


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>there will never be another season

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I gotta whine about one thing, however: sonuvabitch the achieve The Honor of a Knight is going to be hard to get.
I spent two hours failing to chop off Seathe's tail, and there are dozens of rare-drop weapons!
Fucking Titanite Catch Pole.
Fucking Titanite DEMONS!
I'm taking this all the way, but goddamn I still my shit kicked once in a while.

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All night, every night.

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"Herpa derp! My farseer can shoot this shit out of his transport, even with no firepoints, because it's not listed to work that way in the rulebook!"

"I gotz me these invincible falcons with harlequins."

"Starcannons? Yeah, I've got more than you've got marines."

"Durr, hurr. Eldrad every game."

"I'll use all these buffs."

"No, I don't think it's unfair that my vehicles are almost invincible."

>5th edition hits.
>pic related.

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