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>Hand = the party
>Angry cat = Me the mage.

Why they keep taunting the guy who has pissed off dragons and still lives is beyond me.

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Here's what I was thinking for the win condition:

The game ends when an escape vehicle is activated or when only one person is left alive, If players escape then the winner is the survivor with the highest Fun score who didn't initiate any attacks on non-aggressive players.

Doing things that give you Fun (like sneaking away from the group to smoke weed or have sex, the classic stuff that gets you killed in slasher films) opens you up to being attacked by killers, whereas playing the pure innocent virgin is safer but will lose you the game if the higher scorers survive as well. And a killer has to make sure everyone else dies if he's going to win (including other killers).

How does that sound?

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>Daring to speak of the godawful thing that is Gay Bishie Acid Anemone Dick Mindrape Master Race: The Setting
pls no. pls.

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1 on charm animal

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This is how I Death Cultist.

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